Bitcoin Millionaire Club – Is it A Scam?

The Bitcoin Millionaire Club review

Name : Bitcoin Millionaire Club


Price : Free to join, then a minimum $250 investment

Owner : Steve Banks

Hey guys! Today I will be doing a review of Bitcoin Millionaire Club, which is a new program that has made its way into the online space. I will cover what Bitcoin Millionaire Club is about and whether or not you should trust this program.

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What is Bitcoin millionaire Club?

The Bitcoin Millionaire Club website brings you to a sales video claiming this program has made some people millionaires within 90 days after investing in Bitcoin, and can make you at least $13,000 by tomorrow without having any experience.

After you join, it claims does all the work for you on “autopilot.” So after you invest in the program it will supposedly multiply your money without you having to do anything. It sounds like magic and too good to be true, and that usually means that it is!

Listen guys, I don’t care what any program claims, they CANNOT make you money on autopilot without any work! If they clam they do, they are a SCAM! There are possible ways to make great amounts of money online, but you have to make it happen and put the work in. If it sounds hard, it really isn’t, you just have be willing to learn and be dedicated to it.

What are Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency. A record is kept and maintained of their transactions, and new units of currency are generated by computer solutions of mathematical problems.

Many places are accepting Bitcoin as payment for their products, and I have heard you can use it as a credit card.

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How Does Bitcoin Millionaire Club Actually Work?

In order to join Bitcoin Millionaire Club and start trading you have to enter your full name, phone number, email address and a password. After you join, you are taken to a member dashboard owned by Click2Sell with all your information showing that you have a $0 balance on your account.

The dashboard is for Click2Sell, not Bitcoin Millionaire Club. If it did not take you to Click2Sell, then it will take you to another one of the programs they are promoting just to make money, not to help you.

It is basically about online marketing and learning how to create campaigns to get sells, it has NOTHING to do with Bitcoin. The only way for you to get started is by purchasing one of their packages. The bigger package you buy, the bigger of a “Welcome Bonus” you get, and the more “help” you will have access to.

After buying a package, you have to do all the work to create campaigns and start from scratch to make money online. Nothing in this program is on “autopilot.” So everything they told you to get you to click and sign up for is a LIE!

Let’s go over the prices of their packages.

How Much Does Bitcoin Millionaire Club Cost?

It is free to join Bitcoin Millionaire Club, or Click2Sell now, but after you join you have to purchase one of these packages to get started.

Here is a breakdown of each package…

The Starter Pack – This package costs $250 (even though it initially says $200, another lie). Here’s what you get…
  • 20% Welcome Bonus: Purchase $250 and get $300 worth of credit in your account.
  • Weekly Market Reviews: Professional commentary that can help inform your marketing decisions.
  • Platform Walkthrough: A helpful guide for navigating the Click2Sell platform.
  • Online Marketing Ebook: An Ebook that provides a solid background about the online advertising industry.
  • Live Marketing Session: A personal session during which a Click2Sell agent will help you setup a campaign.
The Silver Pack – This package costs $1,000 . Here’s what you get…
  • Everything in the Starter Pack, plus a 25% Welcome Bonus: Purchase $1,000 and get $1,250 worth of credit in your account.
The Gold Pack – This package costs $5,000 . Here’s what you get…
  • Everything in the above packs, plus a 50% Welcome Bonus: Purchase $5,000 and get $7,500 worth of credit in your account.
  • Personal Account Manager: You will be assigned an Account Manager who you will be able to contact for 1-on-1 support
  • Beginner Academy Session: You will be able to join the Click2Sell academy and receive in-depth instruction
The Platinum Pack – This package costs $10,000 . Here’s what you get…
  • Everything in the above packs, plus a 75% Welcome Bonus: Purchase $10,000 and get $17,500 worth of credit in your account
  • Daily Market Reviews: Professional commentary every day that can help inform your marketing decisions.
  • Advanced Academy Session: You will get exposure to the advanced materials offered in Click2Sell’s academy.
  • Limited Access to VIP Banners: You will gain access to a set of banners that are reserved exclusively for Platinum account holders.
The Diamond Pack – This package costs $25,000 . Here’s what you get…
  • Everything in the above packs, plus 100% Welcome Bonus: Purchase $25,000 and get $50,000 worth of credit in your account.
  • Pro Academy Session: You will get exposure to the most advanced materials offered in Click2Sell’s academy.
  • Unlimited Access to VIP Banners: You will gain unlimited access to a set of banners that are reserved exclusively for Diamond account holders.
  • Weekly Webinar: You will be invited to participate in a weekly webinar with marketing professionals.
  • Expedited Withdrawals: Your withdrawals will always move the front of the withdrawal queue, ensuring that you can receive your funds even faster than usual

So, if you have never tried to create an online business before then you are going to need a lot of help. This means you will have to pay up to $25,000 for the help you need. That is WAY too expensive, especially when you can find all the help you need to create an online business for a LOT less!

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Final Thought

Everything that is said about The Bitcoin Millionaire Club is a lie. The owner is not real (you can find his picture on Shutterstock), the video testimonials and comments are fake, and all they want to do is take your money. The only ones who make money with The Bitcoin Millionaire Club program are the few people behind it that set it up to scam you.

The Bitcoin Millionaire Club has nothing to do with Bitcoins, it is a scam that tries to make you believe you can make tons of money online without any effort, and that is an absolute LIE!


Do not fall for this Bitcoin Millionaire Club is a SCAM! They just want to sell you whatever they can so they can make money off of you. There are ways to make money online and get started that is actually FREE. My #1 recommended program has easy step-by-step training, a 24/7 Live Chat, and actual people just like you to answer your questions. Everyone helps each other become successful!

If you have any questions or have had experience with Bitcoin Millionaire Club, please leave a comment below!

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  1. They will disable your account once it ready for withdrawal! I tried to withdraw my funds but it’s impossible, so I had to seek the help of a recovery expert named Grace Lilo who has also help a lot of traders get their funds back.

  2. The simple truth about binary options which many of us do not know is the fact that it is mainly based on predictions. Without proper knowledge of what next can happen to the stock market, you are sure to lose your funds. That is why it is important to be tutored or mentored by a professional trader in binary options. During the few days of being mentored by Mrs. Doris Ashley, I’ve learned much and am also succeeding in trades. I have been doing successful withdrawals and was able to recover all my lost funds. Feel free to contact her on [email protected]

  3. You just wonderfully explored another scam in your Bitcoin Millionaire Club review. In one area I absolutely agree with you, “Any program that offers you money without any work, they are a 100% SCAM”. I always think twice before joining a get rich quick company and ultimately never join. In your informative review, I figured out Bitcoin Millionaire Club is an absolute scam and I ‘ll never look at that way again in future.

    However, I went through your given link, asking to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate. I am looking to join a legit program where I can build up my online business. This looks like a great one.

  4. This is not the first time I’ve heard this story about this company. I’m so happy you are putting this information out there because there are very viable opportunities to make money online but sometimes it’s hard to sift through the scams. Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way on a couple of occasions.

    Your recommended program sounds like a winner. Can I ask, what makes it stand out from the others? Sometimes, because of past experience, I am reluctant to click links but am interested in making money online.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is different than anything I have come across, and the only program I have actually been successful with. They very easy to follow training, and TONS of discussions you can learn from. You can even ask your own questions and get responses super fast. It is the BEST place to learn and create your online business, and I have seen my fair share of programs.

  5. Way to expose this scam Karissa,

    I was at first bought up with the packages, I thought that “Hey, if I pay this much, I actually get credits to spend” but then I got turned off when I found out that the owner used Shutterstock. Man, if the owner himself doesn’t dare to show his face and he’s charging $25k for diamond, that means he’s trying to run away in case things get messy which makes the whole entire thing seem dodgy. I hope many people can avoid this scam and focus their money on better things, thanks for taking the time to warn us!

  6. Thank you for your review on Bitcoin Millionaire Club. I am like you do not trust any program that promises all these false claims that they will make you lots of money. If you have no knowledge, most likely you will get scammed. I do invest in bitcoin and I am telling you now since last year the price has dropped like crazy. But I look the other way and still keep my investment. If you want to invest in Bitcoin all you have to do is just get a platform like coinbase, which is free and then take it from there. Note* you might want to do some calculation for your investment since there are fees for buying and selling and converting to real money.

  7. One of the astrology people set me in motion w /them. I couldn’t pay the $39.99 for a reading, so how did she think I could fart out $250. But that free word to a broke ole lady on SSI…. well I signed up and the phone started ringing. The same number called three times so I answered. Yep it was the… not bitcoin but wanna be… now I’ve looked into it. I did tell the man calling I was behind on my water bill and if they’d do me a solid. They could go ahead a front me the service cash. I told them I could pay in Bitcoin, but they just wanted cash.
    Definitely a scam!

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