Fraudulent Check Scams

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Fake or Fraudulent Check Scams

Name: Fraudulent Check Scams

Website: They can catch you on Craigslist and maybe other websites

Price: Loss of $200-$3000+ in Damages Reported

Owner: Reported in Nigeria, India, and USA

What Is A Fraudulent Check Scam?

One of the most popular scams going around recently involves scammers convincing victims to accept fake or fraudulent checks!

I have almost been a victim of this twice, but I never followed through. Below is what I experienced…

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My Story With Fraudulent Check Scams

I was looking for a job online, and I started to look everywhere. I was filling out all kinds of information on different sites to try to find one. My first mistake was putting my resume on Craigslist.Navient Solutions

I then received an email from a person who claimed to work for a company called Navient Solutions. As I began to talk to this person through Google Hangouts it became more and more suspicious. They took me through an interview on Hangouts and told me I would be making $35 an hour working from home! In my mind I was thinking, “If this is legit I do not want to pass up making that much money and working from home!”

After continuing to message each other they told me I had gotten the job. My first task was to purchase all of the things I would need to do the job, which consisted of a laptop, software, and other business items. I was told they were going to send me a check to purchase all of the items I would Linkediin profileneed to do the job.

During this time I was researching Navient Solutions to see if it was a REAL company, and it is! I even found the person I was talking to on Google Hangouts on LinkedIn, and it was a REAL profile of the woman I was supposedly talking to. However, they would not call me or talk to me on the phone, which I found EXTREMELY odd!

So I gave them my address to see if I was actually going to get this job, and I was sent a check for $2450.98 to purchase all of the equipment. I took the check to the bank to deposit it, and it was in my account the next day. It also came with a letter of what I was to do next.

That is when I when I got nervous. Who sends a person a check for $2450.98 they don’t even know!?! I had given them zero credibility, no background check, and I didn’t even talk to a REAL person. It was also a cashiers check from a golf club!

Fraudulent Check

Letter of directions

The person I was in contact with wanted me to send the money somewhere else to another company they supposedly worked with, so that they could get the equipment and send it to me. That is when I refused to do anything else until I knew for sure that the check wasn’t going to bounce.

When I told them that, they became very persistent with me. They called me a thief, and that is when I started calling them names. They became unprofessional and scared! A couple of days later the check bounced. I even called the Navient Solutions company, and they told me it was a scam they were trying to stop. So I gave them all the information I could.

If I would have sent that money somewhere else, then I would have LOST almost $2500! Do not fall for these fake and fraudulent checks!!

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The Reality of Fraudulent Check Scams

Scammers use a variety of creative, clever stories to explain any compensation
discrepancies, and convince victim to send back the money through
a cash-like payment methods or wire transfer. It is usually done through Money Gram or Western Union.

Money Gram

When these checks bounce, the victims discover that they have been scammed. Over the years, this scam has been used with a variety of consumer actions, including purchase of vehicles, and renting property.

My Advice on Fraudulent Check Scams

Never accept checks with amounts over the agreed upon price. Never agree to send money back. Ask the bank if the check has cleared before releasing the merchandise to the alleged buyer.

The theft risk is VERY high with these checks. If you have been affected, your identity is at risk. I recommend locking your identity from unauthorized changes using Lifelock.

In the end, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is!!




This is a complete scam, and doesn’t compare to my #1 ranked business!

If you have had experience with this or would just like more information, please leave a comment below.

Your Friend,


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  1. What an eerie situation. This has influenced me to always research who and what I am doing business with and never act unless I am 100% sure that there is nothing suspicious going on. I will always trust my gut in these situations, as I usually have a good idea when something feels off.

  2. I have been on different dating sites before. Some like OkCupid and Tinder. I remember from the short time I was on OkCupid there was a lot of really cute girls that would seem really down for you and cool. Then, they would spring a check scam on you. Always like can you do me a favor and cash this check, you can keep some of it and give the rest back to me!

    Oh yes, pretty girls always need help cashing checks I forgot. Scammers will try anything.

  3. This check scam thing sounds like a great old scam, doesn’t it? It never ceases to amaze me the way these people can endlessly dream up all these money making scams. It’s obviously a perverted kind of talent. Just a shame they didn’t put their talent and skills towards something legitimate that actually offers value to people. Thanks for pointing this scam out.

    1. It does sound like an old and obvious scam, but people are still falling for it. I just hope people do their research before they do something like this, and hopefully I can help them. Thanks for the comment Darren!

      – Karissa

  4. I was almost the victim of a money mule scam. On my quest to work from home there were tons of them, mainly on craigslist. To some unknowing person just trying to make a way, it is easy to fall for the lies they tell you while they wash their dirt on your name. shame shame!

  5. That is dangerous! Although they were sending you a $2500 check, they are not intended to serve you or help you with the online business. You have given them your address and actually they can come to your home and find you. Even I don’t think there is any infringement to law when you refuse to do what they told you, they can attack you! That is definitely a scam.

    1. Yes it is! Good thing they don’t have my apartment number lol. But I called the real Navient Solutions and reported them. Hopefully they have stopped them

  6. Remember, making money online is a long term game! Nothing happens over night when it comes to online income, It takes time to build up your opportunity, Don’t get frustrated, Work at it every single day, and you can make a big difference, Persistence and dedication are the keys to success!

  7. I’d like to thank you for dedicating your time to warning and saving people’s time and money (as I do myself on my website) I’d like to believe we both are the kind of person who rather than become mad and vengeful..try and see the good in it by turning it around and helping others. After all I learned crying and complaining over spilled milk won’t fix the issue =) I however, even with the research and my person scam experiences did not even know of this one! Thank you for the heads up! Also, very well written, I did read the entire thing, and appreciate the time you took.

  8. Hello there,i can imagine how hard it was to deal with such scammers.They usually have some sweet deals that can easily lure some body.Thank God you were bright enough and did not rush into spending on them.All scam programs need to be revealed to help protect people looking out for genuine online businesses from the same.You are doing great work,keep it up.

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