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Get Paid Social

Get Paid Social Review – How Do You Make Money?

Name: Get Paid Social


Price: Free 1 week trial, $19 to join, then $9.97/month after that

Owner: Jeff Long

What is Get Paid Social?Get Paid Social video

GetPaid.Social is being promoted as a platform that pays you for doing simple online tasks; such as liking or sharing a Facebook post/page, watching a video, etc. It is also being promoted as a free to join platform (then they delete your account if you do not upgrade after a week). When I first looked at the site there was a button that said I could join now with my Facebook Account. But you can create an account with an email address as well. After creating an account it took me to their introduction video that explained what Get Paid Social was.

After watching the video, you can scroll down to see all the extras you can get with Get Paid Social. It really prompts you to join the Premium Membership. I decided to keep the free membership at first to see what this Get Paid Social thing was all about.

Join Get Paid Social Here!

How Does Get Paid Social Work?

When you click “No Thanks” at the bottom to continue to the free Get Paid Social dashboardmembership, it takes you to your member’s dashboard. Here is a breakdown…

  • The Reward Center is where you can find different tasks to complete.
  • The Referral Center is where you can see who you have referred and get your affiliate links.
  • The E-Wallet is where you can see how much you have earned, your bonuses, and your payout history.
  • The Training & Tutorials shows you how to set up your Facebook App in order to get paid (very important), it also shows you how to create a task, and use Snapchat.

You get paid a very small amount (1-10 cents) for completing each task. After you set up you Facebook App to get paid, you just click the “Complete This Task” button and follow the directions.

Gold Tasks

Gold Tasks are tasks that you can complete and earn 50 cents or more, which is a considerable jump from the other tasks. Some of the Gold Tasks can pay as much as a few dollars. However, only Premium Members have access to the Gold Tasks and there is not very much of them, but you get unlimited tasks in the marketplace.

Pros and Cons of Get Paid Social

ProsGet Paid Social tasks

  • It is not very expensive to join
  • The tasks are easy
  • They have an affiliate program
  • Good training


  • The free membership is only for a week
  • You do not get very much money for doing tasks (if you did one every minute for an hour it would only be about $3)

How Much Does Get Paid Social Cost?Get Paid Social upgrade

It is absolutely free to try to make money with Get Paid Social for 7 days. After your 7 days is up they terminate your account if you do not upgrade. It is $9.97 and a one time fee of $10 to get started, making it $19.97 to join the Premium Membership. After that it will continue to be $9.97/month.

Get Paid Social pays you instantly through PayPal, which I love.

However, this system is no where near as efficient as my online business Wealthy Affiliate. You can make way more money with them.

Get Paid Social Tools and Training

There are 4 training tutorials on Get Paid Social.Get Paid Social snap chat

  • Snapchat Secrets – Get Paid Social just added a new task type to the marketplace, Snapchat! They added a training video for $47 in order to help you learn how to use the Snapchat feature. If you are already familiar with Snapchat then you should like this new addition.
  • F.A.Q. – This just a place you can go to see frequently asked questions.
  • FB App Setup – This takes you to a video that shows you how to set up you Facebook App in order to get paid.
  • Creating Tasks – This also takes you to a video to show you how to create an online task.

Creating Tasks For Your Business

Some one is paying you to do this. Marketers who like their offers to get more traffic can use the Get Paid Social platform by buying reward credits starting at $25 (plus a transaction fee). You can then set up the rewards to be completed by members.

For example: If I want 100 shares/likes on my post/page from Get Paid Social members, I would put up a total reward of $25 for this task. Each time my post is shared by the members, they earn $0.25. The task ends when the reward is used up, or in this case when the target of 100 shares/likes is reached.

However, the quality of the traffic you can expect from Get Paid Social is highly debatable. I have my doubts, because If you really want to earn money from liking and sharing stuff on Facebook with this platform, I would create another Facebook account to do so.

Yes, you can definitely join as a free member and still make some small earnings with it (for a week). Being a free member for a short time I earned $0.38. So don’t expect to make a lot of money very fast on this platform, but don’t brush it off entirely.

Get Paid Social SupportGet Paid Social facebook

Get Paid Social has a place for frequently asked questions, and a Facebook page for all of its members to connect. Facebook is not the most professional way to communicate with this type of business, because anyone can follow, join, or comment on the page (even though it says only Premium members can join).

If you want to be successful online you NEED to create a website and have a strong network! The only place you can get the best of both worlds is with Wealthy Affiliate!

Final Thought

Jeff Long has created a pretty good Facebook marketing system, but it is still too early for me to say that Get Paid Social is a good way to create an income. However, you can use it to make a few bucks on the side. Most people spend countless hours on Facebook anyway, so why not make a little money while on it.

If you are looking for a REAL way to create an online business for FREE, check this out!



If you have any questions or have had experience with Get Paid Social, please leave a comment below!

Your friend,


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  1. Interesting programme, have seen similar websites were you get paid to watch ads, not much but if your willing to bore yourself to death and sit all day watching useless ads, you may make $10 a day, is worth it? no way.This reminds of that,I may check out the free trial but the paid membership is a bit too much for such a low amount of earning potential.

    1. Thanks Minhaj, I agree. It is not worth it to me, but other people could benefit from this program. At least it’s not a scam like most other online programs.

      – Karissa

  2. I would say that GetPaidSocial is indeed a legit way to earn money, but it pays so little while the membership fees are so high. You would have to be liking and sharing stuff that you don’t even like all day to make a profit out of this. As for me, I would not waste my time on this.

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