How Does Making Money Online Work?

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How Does the Process of Making Money Online Work?

There is a lot of confusion about this question on everyone’s min. “How do you make money online?” Defining how to do this is not as simple as it sounds, because there are SO MANY different ways you can earn money online. Just like in the real world.

Asking that question is really no different than asking “how do you make money?” Because of the endless amount of paths there are. I am going to explain the process, and what success online starts with.

First, you have to start with a solid foundation!

Step 1: A Website – The Foundation of Online Success

You need a WEBSITE of your own if you want to be successful online. People try to put together a business without a website and they end up failing. You cannot spam the hell out of Facebook and expect results, you NEED A WEBSITE.

A website is just like a foundation for a building. In order to successfully build a house or a skyscraper, it requires a solid foundation. An online business is no different, and your foundation is going to be your website. Don’t build anything without a foundation because then it can easily collapse. You want to build a solid foundation, and that requires a website, which will allow you to build a virtual sky scraper.

No one wants to build something that could wash away at any minute by the rain, that definitely would not be a long term business. Set the foundation from the beginning to build something substantial, and you will be VERY SUCCESSFUL online.

Step 2: The Content – Building Your Virtual House

When you have your website, the next step is to create quality and engaging content. Content is going to be the premise of a large amount of your traffic, your ability to build relationships with your visitors (which leads to revenue), and the creation of your brand (which will lead to a long term business).

Content can be anything, from text, to comments on your posts, to videos you can promote or make. Search engines love websites that are rich in content, and so do PEOPLE.

Build quality and engaging content, and the buyers will come.

Get Started Now!

Step 3: The Traffic – Putting Your House on a Busy Street

When you have your foundation for success, you then need people to go to your site, also known as website traffic. But how do you get this traffic? There are many ways to do this, content being the FIRST focus.

  • Writing Content
  • Creating Videos
  • Getting Rankings in Google (which comes from content)
  • Paid Traffic
  • Buying Ads/Social Media Promotions

These are all things that can be learned within Wealthy Affiliate, the BEST place to get an education in online business ANYWHERE. So if you don’t understand what some of these things mean, they can most definitely be learned.

Step 4: The Money – Opening Up Shop

open door

This is where it gets really fun. There are 100’s of ways you can make money from a site that has traffic. Here are just a few of the ways that the most successful people have made money online.

  1. Selling Advertising (to other website owners)
  2. Selling Affiliate Products
  3. Selling Amazon Products
  4. Selling Products that You Own
  5. Selling the Actual Website
  6. Google Adsense (putting ads on your site)

This is not the extent of all the ways people have made money, but these are 6 of the possibilities. Once you have your very own website (easy to create at Wealthy Affiliate), with content, and some traffic, the sky is the limit. Whether you are looking to earn a part time income, or you want to earn a substantial living online, it’s up to you. Start by typing in a domain name in the box below. It can be whatever you want your website to be called, and if it’s available you can start your business RIGHT NOW!

DO NOT Try This Alone!!

Knowing how to make money online will only take you so far. So the first thing I would suggest is that you DO NOT do it alone. There are too many scams out there, and too many people giving out false information. That’s why I want to you to come hang out with me at WA, the place where I (and many experts) help people every day for free. No catches, no credit card, just fill out a form and you are IN!

==> Get Started NOW!

So, now that you understand how the process of making money online works, join me when you’re ready 🙂

And if you ever need a hand with anything or are confused about the process of making money online, let me know. Just shoot me a message below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Your Friend,


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  1. As far as step four is concerned, you mentioned you can sell advertising space to other website owners. How does this differ from advertising traditional affiliate products? How does this process actually work? How do I find websites that are interested in advertising their business on my website?

    Thank you for your help,


    1. Hello Jessie,

      Most of the businesses I have advertised on my site have reached out to me because they saw my site and wanted me to promote them. But if they do not contact you, just find things that people in your niche might use or need and ask if they need advertising.

      It is different from affiliate marketing because they pay you for advertising, you don’t get a commission if you make a sale.

      I hope this helps!

      – Karissa

  2. Man how things have come on these days – I can remember a mate of mine getting into building websites but being lumbered with a book on coding – as you can imagine – the fad didn’t last that long for him!
    I can’t beleive how easy the whole process seems to be these days!

  3. I want to thank you for your blog. I was looking into the Bizpro and wondered if it was a scam and took a few minutes to look on line for any feed regarding this business. I tried something a few years ago, EDirect on line – Academy. It gave me some directions, I bought a site (cost of 15.00 a year), certification (cost 3.00), GVO (cost 10.00 a month), Aweber (cost 19.00 a month) and click banks, but when I tried to find out how to get ads for my page and drive traffic they were not very helpful. I found it very difficult and ended up frustrated and gave up. Have you heard of them? How is this site your endorsing any different?

    1. I did something very similar to what you are describing, it was called MOBE.

      Wealthy Affiliate is different though, because they show you exactly how to create your website so it is unique to you. You can create it and promote anything you want! I also have a fitness website.

      WA also gives you TONS of tools and training. You can ask a question in the live chat and someone will answer quickly. It is a very friendly community of other people who are successful online.

      I have tried lots of things and WA is the only place I have been successful! You can contact me there on my profile

  4. The steps you laid out here are all very important and really should be followed in the exact order you have laid them out. The key to making any decent money online is a website. I like how you stress that and discourage people from spamming the hell out of Facebook.

    Great Job


  5. Dear Karissa,

    A most wonderful blog post you have written here. You are very right in saying that there are many ways to make money online. One of the best ways is through affiliate marketing, promote products you don’t own, and make a passive income from.
    What is your favorite way of making money online?

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  6. Hi Karissa, it is nice to meet you! I like this page on The Truth about making money online”. It is very easy to read . You have it broken down into small, easy to read paragraphs and you prelude each section with a header on what you will be discussing next. I like the black on white. You then immediately bring people on how to get started.

      1. I just want to mention I am new to blgnigog and absolutely loved your blog. Most likely I’m want to bookmark your site . You certainly come with perfect articles. Thank you for sharing with us your website page.

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