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  1. Hi,

    Evidently Bloombex is also a scam it’s tied in with grey mountain management, the credit card processor.

    Seems the site has all but disappeared…what WAS a binary options trading site is now some kind of forum in either Russian or Ukraine. No answer on the phone, can’t send messages…
    My initial deposit was small…about $300. I would never take a chance with more. Will be contacting my card to report fraud.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jackie, I will check it out. I always tell people to stay away from binary options because too many of the companies are scamming people. Bloombex Options is the only place I would recommend to get started with binary options. However it takes time, education, and money to get started in this business.

      If you are looking for a different kind of online business, check out my #1 recommendation. I wish you the best of luck!

      – Karissa

  3. I joined cash finders without doing my homework. The price they had me sign for was outragous. like 13,000.00 plus another 5,000.00 for stated costs like a web site coach support the list goes on and on. Now my eyes have opened and the feeling of dread are all coming together. They made something sound easy but hedged when I asked Mr Foley the boss different questions.
    How do I get out NOW. The first is to contact the banks I paid all the crazy fees should be cancelled.
    Please help me in any way to get out now. I have spoken to coaches and watched some of the videos. So far have not spoken to the web designer so thats as far as it has gone. Please advise how to get out quick

    1. Hello Arlene,

      The fastest way to get out is to do what you are doing. Let your bank know it was fraudulent, then contact their customer support to get your money back that way. All we can do is hope for the best, and try to prevent others from falling victim like you did.

      I’m sorry you had to go through this, I know exactly how you feel. I hope it all works out for you!

      – Karissa

      1. Think he means Click intensity. I am with them and I only bought 4 packs and kept building from compounding. I got to 19 packs. Rev share was like 5.97 every half hour. It’s now dropped to 0.789 for 20 active packs. People weren’t being paid. I see more every day on the Facebook page. Last week I received an email from earn with me. Telling me Ankur Agarwal own CI and coinmia. The guy you see as Nick is an actor and that basically. The whole thing is a scam. Led by Ankur Agarwal from Delhi, India. And with coinmia which he heavily promotes launching he needed the funds. That’s why the revshare dropped so drastically. I really don’t know what is going on with ppl still getting paid. Tara does Facebook live and she’s the only one who talks now. admit’s to never have met nick. Has met Ankur. Tara has said she knew nothing of what had came out.
        And has done a Facebook live under her own account. She’s repeating what she’s been told. Advcash has frozen funds. Advcash say this isn’t true..
        At least she’s faced us she’s said it will be 3-6months before legal matters and the said monies are released.
        But it’s ANKUR AGARWAL whose at the root of this and coinmia.
        They had so many fooled and it’s been horrible seeing ppl who you know as well as you can on Facebook. But to see ppl who had built teams and they were getting the finger pointed at them. Admin on the Facebook page as well. Everyone turning on everyone. ????? take a bow Ankur Agarwal

  4. millionairebizpro are scum. they will not stop sending us their scam emails and we are sick to death of them

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