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There are THOUSANDS of scams out there claiming that if you purchase their product or business they will show you how to make money online easily like they do, and how easy it is with just a simple click or emailing system.

It isn’t easy! There is no push button to success, it’s going to take some work!

However, there are some businesses out there that can definitely help you and show you exactly how to be successful. You just have to find them. The business that has worked wonders for me is Wealthy Affiliate.

On this website there are some scams that I do not want you to fall for… like I did!

If you have fallen for a scam or have a question about a company/product that might be a scam, please leave a comment below! We have to stick together 🙂

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    1. Hello Christopher,

      I have not done too much research on this program yet, but I plan to soon. However, from what I have read it seems like Alex might not keep his promise of making you $38K per month. You get access to the system and you can create at niche website, but the method they use is not the best. I’ll post a review soon, but I hope this helps!

      – Karissa

  1. Hello,
    And help, please? Dare to give advice to one preparing to replace their day job before they replace him? I have been looking very carefully for the past 5-6 years. Since becoming familiar with the computer, I’ve made it my goal to prepare for the day when I choose, or they do, to totally replace it. Not just jump into any old thing.

    1. Hello Wayne,

      If you want to replace your day job, it is going to take time and effort. You will not start making money over night. But with the right training at Wealthy Affiliate, they can help you get started on the right foot without spending any money. If you are serious about this, now is the time to get started. You can sign up for free and get your business going! I will also be there on the inside to help you with whatever you need, along with all the other members. It is the best way to get your feet off the ground.

      I wish you the best of luck!
      – Karissa

  2. I did a really bad thing. I gave 411 Net Services a check for $1, 950.00 + $400.00 for two websites. This man claimed that they work closely with Amazon. His name is David Johnson. There was a contract associated with it. I have contacted them numbers of times to get my money returned to me and to pull me out of the contract. i haven’t received any answer from them.
    Is 411 Net Services legit or scam?

    1. Hello Mary,

      I have not heard of that program so I do not know if it is a scam. I can do some research on it, but in the meantime I hope they answer you. If not you might have to try other ways to get your money back. It might even be gone for good.

      I’ll write a review after I have done the research and let you know the verdict. I wish you the best!

      – Karissa

  3. Hello Karissa.
    I am very interested in the Brand Builder Bootcamp (by Ryan Moran).

    Do you know if that’s a Scam?

    Thank you

  4. Ian looking into diffrremt online money ideas. It seems most of them seem to good. My inbox pro, Michael Beeson, or rich janitor work at home system .. are these scams as they seem. Michael T

    I could tell you a phone scam I got into.

    1. Hello Michael,

      Yes Rich Janitor is a scam, I have done a review on it. There are MANY scams out there, and only a few legit programs. However, most of them want a lot of money to get started. That’s why I love Wealthy Affiliate. Because you can try it out for free, no other system does that. I also have a few other legit programs listed under “Top Programs” on the menu bar. You can choose one that would work best for you!

      I have fallen for many scams over the years, but now I know how to make real money online. I can help you! Just ask.

      – Karissa

  5. Hello Karissa,

    Have you heard of the Brand Builder Bootcamp (by Ryan Moran)? They have a 2,999 sign up fee and their pitch is “going from 0 to 1 million in 12 months”. I’ve been on the fence on this, so I’d appreciate if you can share your thoughts about them.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Kyle,

      I have not heard of this system yet, but I will research it and do a review soon. I’ll email you when it is complete so you can have all of the facts 🙂

      – Karissa

      1. Can you email me too? I’m interested in the brand builder also. P.S I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate ?

    1. Thank you Camilo,

      I have not heard of Elite eCom Materclass, however I have reviewed another ecomm software system called Ecomm Elite (they work with amazon). I cannot say right now whether or not it is a scam, but I will do some research and post my review for you soon. If you subscribe to my site (enter your name and email in the bottom right corner) I will send you an email of my recent reviews.

      Thanks again,

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