Is ClixSense a Scam?

March 29, 2016

Name: ClixSense Website: Price: Free to join, but Premium Membership is $17 per year or $30 for 2 years Owners: Cretaed by Steven Girsky, but was sold to Jim Grago What is ClixSense? ClixSense is a website where you can make money by clicking on ads, also known as PTC (Paid To Click). I am not a fan of PTC websites because it is just not a good way to make money. The…


Digital Experts Academy

March 25, 2016

Digital Experts Academy Review – Can This Give You Financial Independence? Name: Digital Experts Academy (DEA) Website: Price: $2,499 – $19,999 + upsells Founders: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek What is Digital Experts Academy? Digital Experts Academy (DEA) was co-founded by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek in late 2012. The company specializes in digital marketing, and their goal is to make you a digital expert. Digital Experts Academy is an educational organization that provides a step-by-step digital marketing program…


Steal My System – Full Review

March 22, 2016

Steal My System Review – Can it Make You Successful? Name: Steal My System Website: Price: $9.95 plus upsells Owner: Steven James Hey guys! I was asked to do a review of Steal My System by a couple people that have left comments on this site, so here is my review! You can decide for yourself whether or not it is right for you. What is Steal My System? Steal…


Covert Cash Conspiracy Scam

March 18, 2016

Covert Cash Conspiracy Review – Is it a Legit? Name: Covert Cash Conspiracy Website: Price: $17 ($12 if you try to click out) Owner: Matt Benwell What is Covert Cash Conspiracy? Covert Cash Conspiracy is a program designed to teach beginners how to use affiliate marketing. I was introduced to it through an email I recieved about a work from home position. When I clicked on the link, it took…


Click For Cash

March 14, 2016

Click For Cash Review Name: Click For Cash Website: Price: $49 to join Owner: Carl ? What is Click For Cash? I found out about Click For Cash by opening up an email that took me to their introductory video, and to be honest I was put off by it because I have seen a lot of similar videos that were scams. They never really explain in the video what you…


The Business Success Alliance

March 9, 2016

Business Success Alliance Review Name: Business Success Alliance Website: Price: $500 – $22,000 to sign up + upsells Owners: Rob Abrams What is Business Success Alliance? Business Success Alliance is a MLM (multi-level marketing) program, but they say you do not have to build a list of distributors yourself. Commissions are paid to you the instant you sign someone up, and you get all of it (not a percentage, and not monthly)….


Avoiod Phishing Scams

March 7, 2016

What is a Phishing Scam? Now that we have the Internet, we have the ability to contact anyone anywhere in the world. Because of this ability, fraudsters have been quick to exploit people with a abundance of phishing scams that are designed to deceive and catch their victims. Phishing scam is a term for a wide range of tactics used online to try and get personal information, such as usernames,…


Alexa Website Ranking – Is It Accurate?

March 4, 2016

How Does Alexa Rankings Work? There has been a lot of confusion on how Alexa ranks websites, and tracks traffic. And more confusion on how Alexa rankings work, and how they impact your SEO rankings. In this post I am going to show you how Alexa works, and help you decide whether or not it it is import for your online campaigns and success. Click Here For The Best Tool I Recommend To Help You Track…