Is ClixSense a Scam?


Name: ClixSense


Price: Free to join, but Premium Membership is $17 per year or $30 for 2 years

Owners: Cretaed by Steven Girsky, but was sold to Jim Grago

What is ClixSense?

ClixSense is a website where you can make money by clicking on ads, also known as PTC (Paid To Click). I am not a fan of PTC websites because it is just not a good way to make money.

The ads you click on are given to you by different website owners who are trying to advertise their products. It is very similar to PPC (Pay Per Click), such as Googe Adwords, but it is a lot cheaper and a lot less quality.

ClixSense also has other ways to make make money, like doing surveys, playing games, etc. Although I am not a fan of PTC sites, ClixSense is one of the better ones because is gives you a variety of ways to make money. Another good PTC site that I have done a review on is Get Pail Social.

What are PTC Sites Really About?

Like I said before, I am not a big fan of PTC sites, so here I am going to tell you why. The only way to make any REAL money on this type of site is to refer people to it, and even then you need to have a thousands of referrals to make this business worth it.

You will never make a steady income by just clicking on ads all day. Let me show you. Most of the ads you click on are worth either $0.01 (which takes 30 seconds), or $0.02 (which takes 60 seconds). If you add all of that up you will only be making $1.2 an hour, which is a waste of your time and effort.

Another thing I do not like is that someone is paying you to click on their ads. This is an indicator that whatever they are trying to promote is either a scam or isn’t a good product. People pay for clicks on their ads so they can generate more traffic, but I personally would not waste my money on clicks where I know the people will not buy my products. It is like paying people to sit in your coffee shop and they all order water which is for free. There are MUCH better ways to generate traffic.

Just a heads up, if a website claims they will pay you $1 per click, then it is a scam! Just click out of it.

There is an Easier Way To Make Money Online!

Pros and Cons of ClixSense


  • Low minimum cash-out – You only need a minimum of $8 to cash out your money into your account. If you are a premium member, you only need to have $6
  • Free to join – The Premium option is not very expensive either ($17/year)
  • They use PayPal – This is the easiest way to get paid with any program. Checks can get lost, so stay away from them
  • Many ways to make money – Clicking on ads isn’t the only way you can make money
  • Affiliate program – This is the only way you can make real money with this website, by referring people to join
  • Good Support – They have a forum for people to ask questions


  • GEO targeted ads – If you are not from North America or Western Europe, you will have access to less ads. The amount of ads, how often they appear, and the value of the ads depends on the advertisers. It will vary each day/hour. If you log into your ClixSense account more often, you will see more ads from smaller advertisers and can click on them before anyone else has a chance to.
  • Problem with the minimum cash-out – Even though the minimum cash-out is $8.00, it will be pretty hard to reach that amount. Especially if you are clicking on your own and do not have any referrals helping you
  • It takes time – No matter how much you work with ClixSense, making a profit is going to take a lot of time (even if you get referals)

How Much Does ClixSense Cost?Clixsense premium price

The Standard Membership is free, but you can upgrade to the Premium Membership (which costs $17 per year or $30 for 2 years). You can also get a refund up to 21 days after joining Premium.

Advantages of the Premium Membership:

  • You can view more ads
  • You get higher referral commissions
  • You have more chances on the Clixgrid
  • You get paid through 8 levels for referrals who also upgrade their accounts, as opposed to only 1 level for standard membership
  • You get a greater daily checklist bonus

If you don’t get any referrals and you don’t do the daily checklist regularly, the Premium Membership will not be worth the money!

ClixSense Support

ClixSense has a forum community where members and staff can communicate with each other. Members can post their success stories, questions, share an experience, ask for support, and stay informed about recent changes on the site. If you feel something is wrong with the site, you can go to the forum and find out if something is really wrong. If members complain about their payments not going through, then the site is probably experiencing a problem.

ClixSense support

This is the only form of support I have found for ClixSense, but it is better than other programs out there.

How to Make Money With Clixsense

Along with clicking and viewing ads, you can also make money with ClixSense by using these 5 other options.ClixSense ways to make money

1. Surveys 

Doing surveys can take a lot of time and effort, and they range from $0.5 – $5 per survey. The longest survey I have seen was 30 minutes long. However, you do have to join other survey panels through them in order to make the money.

I recommend that you join the survey panels directly, because cutting out the middle man can make you more money.

2. Offers

With this you will basically be signing up for offers, downloading things on your computer, shopping, or taking surveys. They are based on your location, sex, and age.

There are 2 types of offers that you need to be aware of. There are free offers and paid offers. With paid offers you have to pay for a subscription, or buy something in order to make money. The rule is that you have to earn more than you spend.

Also, don’t forget to cancel free trials 2 days before it ends if you do not want money to come out of your account.

3. Getting Referrals

ClixSense has two versions of referral programs, the free mambership has 1 level and the Premium Membership has 8 levels.

This is the best way to make money with ClixSense, but it is also the hardest! You need to have your affiliate link in front of TONS of traffic.

You get $0.0001 – $0.002 for each time one of your referrals clicks on an ad. When they decide to go premium, you get $2.

If you are a Premium Member you will get $2 when your referral upgrades, and $1 when someone in the 2nd-8th tier decides to upgrade. You also get 10% commission if your referral buys anything, and you get 5% of what they make from offers and tasks.

It is a pretty good referral program, and you can make a lot of money if you do it correctly and get lots of referrals. The best way to promote your affiliate is if you build a website.

4. ClixGrid

This grid comes in 600 squares, and with each piece you remove you have a chance to win a prize (the maximum prize is $10.00). A free member gets 30 tries each day, and a premium member gets 60 tries each day. You can usually win between a few pennies to a few dollars, with about 10 seconds in-between each try.ClixSense clixgrid

5. Tasks

Basically you perform whatever task is given, and you can do this many times a day. Some tasks require a prerequisite task before you can complete them. These usually pay about $0.01 each.

Below is a rundown of all the ways to earn money with each membership…

ClixSense Compensation

Final Thought

If you think ClixSense is for you you can join here. In my opinion, Clixsense is a safe site to use. Even if you do not get referrals, you can still earn a few dollars a day by completing tasks, offers, and/or surveys. However, referring others to the site will give you much bigger earnings. The only reason you should go premium is if you get a good amount of referrals, so you can make more money. If you are new to online marketing, DO NOT join the premium membership because you will not know what to do! The best way to learn how to create an income online and promote products, is to join my #1 ranked business!



If you have any questions or have had experience with ClixSense, please leave me a comment below!

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