How Do Keywords Work?

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Most people get really confused when they try to understand the “point” of using keywords on your website. I want to try and help you out with that, and try to make it simple.

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First, What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a word that someone types into a search engine (such as Google, Bing, etc.). People use keywords when they are looking for something, and it could be ANYTHING.

Let me give you an example. If someone want’s to solve a Rubik’s cube, they might search for the formulas in Google.

If you type “how to solve a Rubik’s cube” in the search box, Google provides you with what they deem as the most relevant and/or useful search results. The results they give you are websites just like the ones that you can create within Wealthy Affiliate.

How Do You Get Ranking With Keywords?

Im order to get ranked in Google so people can find your website, you have to have quality engaging content! It will help you get rankings under keywords that you use. Wealthy Affiliate takes you through easy training to learn how to do this.

People usually think they need to create their content FOR search engines, when really the search engines are looking for good content that focuses on the people that are reading it.

A keyword is the most powerful thing for an online marketer, and it is how people find you who are looking for help. If you can help someone, you can build a business doing so. Once you find a popular keyword with little competition, your next step should be to create content targeting that keyword.

If you understand the metrics of keywords (low competition, traffic volume, etc.) through keyword tools like, you are going to have a HUGE advantage in any niche you choose.

how to solve a rubiks cube

As you can see, there is somethting called QSR. That is the number of pages competing for that same keyword in all of Google. Keywords under 300 QSR are easy to rank in Google, and there are millions of these! You will see that as you perform keyword research using Jaaxy.

Important! When your website gets ranked on the 1st page in search engines, the page relevant to that search comes up. That is where people who are searching those keywords can click on your site.
Keywords lead to traffic, and traffic leads to business opportunity!

Once you have traffic, you have the opportunity to make money from your website in MANY different ways! You can do this through affiliate programs, advertising, or by building an email list.

I use Amazon affiliate marketing, but there are a lot of other affiliate websites like Best Buy, Walmart, etc. However, some programs offer more commission percentage than others.

If I got ranked under the keyword “how to solve a Rubik’s cube,” there is a good chance the person that put that in the search box would be interested in purchasing a new Rubik’s cube or another kind of Rubik’s cube (there is a 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5). I would put a link on my website taking them to an affiliate site where they can purchase one, and I would earn a commission on each sale.

Importance Of Content

Even though getting commissions are nice, you need to make content your most important first priority. Create your website, build out your content (using keywords), get traffic from the content and keywords, and then you can start earning money! If you focus initially on the money, you will miss the important steps that you need to take in order to actually make money. So creating quality content and targeting keywords should be your initial focus! Once you find a keyword or two to use in your content, you just need to write the post while incorporating those keywords. However, you do not want to make it repetitive or make it sound like a robot wrote it. Write freely, make it flow, and make it understandable.

PLEASE make sure when you are starting out a website that you do not focus making money first, I cannot stress it enough! You have to get traffic first before you can make any money. If you create quality content, search engines will find you!!

How To Use KeywordsGoogle

Every page or post that you create on your website should target a keyword or keyword phrase. You need to target the “concept” of your content to a particular keyword. And don’t forget to create QUALITY content that helps your reader understand what you are trying to get across.

Google tends to rank websites that provide a quality reader experience very well. They are getting a better and better grasp of what is considered quality and engaging content, and what should be ranked high in their search results.

Will I Rank For Every Keyword I Target?

Absolutely not! Sometimes your content will never get ranked, and that’s fine. Too many people try to rank under ONE keyword, and they end up wasting all their time and energy. As a result they never get ranked and fail. These people would have been much more successful if they had just created more pages/posts on their website with targeting more keywords. More content that targets more keywords, equals more rankings in the search engines.

Keyword ranking is out of your control, and by targeting MORE keywords with quality content more often you will ensure your chances of getting ranked under many more keywords.


If you are still a little confused about keywords or how they work and you would like to discuss it further, please leave a question or a comment below.

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