The Cash Finder System – Does It Actually Work?

The Cash Finder System Review

Name: The Cash Finder System

Website: or they also use

Price: $99 to join

Owner: Lee Gilmore

What is The Cash Finder System?

The Cash Finder System is an instructional course that says they can teach individuals how to become “professional finders” for the real estate industry, and earn commissions from $5,000 – $15,000 every month as your “finder’s fee.” You can become a real estate finder by finding homes that realtors are looking for, that fit certain criteria.

The Cash Finder System is not an affiliate marketing or MLM opportunity. You just have to directly work the system, and earn your finder’s fee by checking for every piece of real estate you find for a realtor.

The promotional video for The Cash Finder System is completely over the top, and screams scam! They say you can work from home and make thousands of dollars a month, but you will not see that amount of money very fast. It takes hard work, dedication, and time!

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Pros and Cons of The Cash Finder System


  • You can learn how to spot undervalued homes and offer them to buyers
  • You can learn the business of buying and selling real estate.


  • It is WAY more work than they lead you to believe, and it’s not easy
  • There is stiff competition for other realtors and finders
  • You will have to travel to beat others to the punch
  • You will need some construction and rehab experience
  • Lee is a paid actor on Fiverr (he is just paid to promote The Cash Finder System)

What Is A Professional Finder? – Tools and Training

The Cash Finder System claims you can just “copy & paste” information from one database to another. Apparently all of the work can be done on the internet with any device. You find something that a buyer wants, introduce the buyer to the seller who has it, then get paid. You will become a real estate finder!

To become one you have to join The Cash Finder System. You will have access to…

  • Training videos with transcripts
  • A resource center with tools to help you find real estate in your area
  • Scripts, postcards, and a letter that generate leads
  • Information on when to present your real estate finds

How Much Does The Cash Finder System Cost?

The Cash Finder system is valued at $997, but it costs $99 to join. However, apparently the first 50 people to sign up will get their money back. All you have to do is send them a picture of yourself holding your finder’s check after you close your first real estate assignment, and they will reimburse you.

This is a common scam tactic. Only scammers put a limit on something (only the first 50 people), to try to get you to purchase it faster.

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Does The Cash Finder System Work?

Professional real estate finder (also known as property locators) do actually exist. It is also possible to make money doing this. However, it’s not as easy as they say it is. Here is a breakdown of what makes this line of work challenging…

  • You’ll face competition – Most realtors are also finders, and they could beat you to the punch. They have more experience, training, and a wide network as well.
  • You will be traveling – Some properties that are being foreclosed need a finder to go to the house and sell the idea of selling to the people who own it. Most likely out of your area. You have to have thick skin and not mind being viewed as a “vulcher.”
  • You need rehab experience – If you are a contractor, then you have experience already. You need to be able to assess the property, see how much it will cost to fix up, and sell it at a profit. You need to spot an undervalued home that would make a 50% or higher return on investment. If you don’t have this experience then it is going to be very hard for you.
  • Not for newbies – You can’t send out a few postcards or sales letters and expect an investor or buyer to contact you. You will have to learn from contractors, meet auction agents and real estate brokers. You have to attend auctions, because by the time it is listed online it is already taken. There are legal ramifications for a house behind on tax payments, or that has expensive updates.

The Cash Finder System gives you a way to make money, but they underestimate the amount of time and effort you will need in order to make this a good paying career.


The Cash Finder System gives you a satisfaction guarantee, and a money back guarantee for the first year if you are ever unsatisfied with your results. The satisfaction guarantee just ensures that you will be satisfied. Honestly, I don’t think the satisfaction guarantee means anything. It is just something to put on thier website that looks good.

Their Earnings Disclaimer only says that you COULD earn money with this system, and that you might not do well. This is nothing like what the video says! You should always read the disclaimer before you join anything. See below…

Final Thought

I don’t think you should join The Cash Finder System unless you are prepared to dedicate lots of time and effort to learn how to become a real estate finder with little help, and are willing to travel to different properties. You need to search for investment possibilities, and you will not find any by sitting at home on your laptop. Then you have to learn how to sell the properties to investors, buyers, and current home owners.

The Cash Finder System takes WAY MORE work than they lead you to believe, and you will not make a large amount of money very fast. You have to have experience as well, and if you don’t it will take you longer to make money. Make sure you are ready to hustle before you pay the $99 to join.

Also, since they have used an actor as their CEO in the video, it is very hard to trust this system. It just shows that the company does not actually believe in their product, they just want to make money from unsuspecting people who are trying to work from home. (Find a real work from home opportunity here)

If you’re looking for information on becoming a professional finder, I suggest you contact someone you trust or meet someone already in the business in your area. Don’t rely on The Cash Finder System to help you, they don’t really care if you succeed or not.


If you have any questions or have had experience with The Cash Finder System, please leave a comment below!

Your Friend,


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  1. Thank you for caring enough to investigate and letting others know that this isn’t easy as he claim it to be yet it’s easy for them to collect your $99 in which you end up loosing. GOD Bless you Karissa. If you are willing to share some legit programs that make money on line I would appreciate it. Thanks Again for Caring!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Janice!
      I HATE scams and I want to help others stay away from them. There are TONS of scams out there, but there are also a few legit programs. I wish there were more legit programs than scams, but the program that I use to build my online business is Wealthy Affiliate! They really care and help people, and I will be there to help you as well. You follow the step-by-step training and learn to grow a thriving business. It will take some time and effort, but if you are willing to put in the work and be patient as it grows you will be very successful.

      I hope to see you on the inside!

      P.S. There is also a program called Human Proof Designs where you can purchase a website that is already made and/or profitable, and all you have to do is keep it going. They have training as well that can help you learn how to grow your business more.

      I wish you the best!

  2. I have never been scammed before!!My daughter warned me!The 800# is not in service The 844# is a voice message.Got me for $99.00.Congratulations hope they can sleep.
    Be Well

  3. This is one more time to find ways to make money on line. My goal is to fund a charity through the Catholic Church. I’m interested in bio Mary options don’t think I want the automated software system and an automated marketing system if any legit ones exist

    1. Hello Mike,

      I am not a fan of binary options trading, and there are not many that will actually help you make money. Most of them just want to scam you out of your money.
      The best way to create an online business is with Wealthy Affiliate. You can have the kind of business you want with unlimited help from others just like you who are already successful. Good luck!

      – Karissa

      1. Karissa how do I go about getting my money back from them. I purchased today without doing research and I want to cancel my payment now. Please help.

        1. I’m sorry Jessica. Do you know what site you were on when you purchased it? The sites I have for them are no longer working. Did you get a confirmation email? If so, there should be a link somewhere to contact them.

          I hate online scams! You should check out my #1 recommended program, it’s what I used to get started making money online.
          I wish you the best!

          – Karissa

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