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Click Intensity

Name: Click Itensity


Price: Free, but require investments in order to make REAL money

Owner: Nick Johnson, Tara Mish, and Ankur Agarwal

Click Intensity Reviewclick intensity

You probably heard of Click Intensity because you were invited by someone, and now you want to see if this company is actually legit. Click Intensity has recently become very popular, very fast. It has been around for 6 years and is owned by Nick Johnson, with help from Tara Mish. However, just because they have become popular fast does not mean it is a reliable or potentially profitable company.

Is Click Intensity a scam? In this review I will show you exactly what Click Intensity is from an inside perspective, and help you decide whether or not this program is right for you.

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What is Click Intensity?Click Intensity dashboard

When you visit the Click Intensity site, you are taken to a page where it makes you subscribe instantly. It is a company that offers online advertising services, and it is a revenue sharing site. This revenue sharing site is very similar to other rev-share sites (like Get Paid Social). You buy ad packs, do 10 tasks every day, and you are qualified to receive commissions from new members.

Click Intensity claims you will make money every 30 minutes guaranteed (I’m not too sure about that).

They are trying to improve by having a HUGE advertising network, a different compensation plan, and fixing some mistakes made by similar companies. I will show you all the ways to make money with them below.

Pros and Cons of Click Intensity


  • You can interact with the owners on their Click Intensity Facebook
  • Some “training” videos
  • Can probably make good money by promoting it to business men


  • Costs can grow to be very expensive
  • The training is terrible
  • It looks like an MLM compensation plan
  • Not good for beginners

How Do You Make Money With Click Intensity?

There are 5 ways to make money with Click Intensity…

First Way – Completing Tasksclick intensity tasks

You can make money by doing the “simple” online tasks. These include viewing ads, watching videos, trying a mobile app or game, etc. You will get a very small amount of money by doing these activities. If you are a paid member, you have access to more online tasks.

Second Way – Profit Sharing

Another way to make money is through profit sharing. They claim this is the opportunity that will give you a passive income you can count on for life if you participate.

Every Silver Pack or Gold Pack you buy is worth 1000 gold coins or $25. You can earn money from it until it hits $30 and expires. So it does not last forever, and you can by up to 4,000. You cannot have any more after that, which gives you a limit. The more you buy, the more your shares will be distributed.

Third Way – Referral Salesclick intensity commission

You can also promote Click Intensity to others. This means the more people you can get to join Click Intensity the more you make. For every direct referral, they give you 10% commission from the purchases they make. My question is, how are you going to sell it?

In order to promote it properly you need to already have a good network, email list, know how to be an affiliate marketer, etc. You can learn to do all that and more here!

Fourth Way – The “Team”

You can also pay to reach level 7 and get paid 15% from all people under you. Very similar to the Multi-Level Marketing structure. You need to get the most Qualification points (4,000).

See the commission structure below…Click Intensity 7 level commission structure

They promise that if you utilize this structure, invest in profit share, and invest in advertising then you will profit very quickly. Sounds like you have a lot to learn about this business.

Fifth Way – Backend Sales

Basically you utilize the advertising services you bought inside Click Intensity. You can use Click Intensity’s advertising to promote other online affiliate opportunities. For example you could become an affiliate with a sports store and advertise their products, then you get a commission if they purchase something by clicking on your affiliate link.

How Much Does Click Intensity Cost?

It is free to join Click Intensity, but in order to get commissions in their compensation plan you have to invest at least $25 for one Silver Pack or Gold Pack (they cost the same). Which gives you 1 profit share in the company. The $30 ROI is received once it “expires.”

Here are the commission percentages for each level:Click intensity silver pack

  • Level 1:  10%
  • Level 2:  1%
  • Level 3: 0.5%
  • Level 4: 0.5%
  • Level 5: 0.5%
  • Level 6: 0.5%
  • Level 7: 2%

In order to have access to these commissions, you click intensity gold packhave to pay:

  • $25 – Level 1
  • $2500 – Level 1 and 2
  • $5000 – Level 1 to 3
  • $10,000 – Level 1 to 4
  • $25,000 – Level 1 to 5
  • $50,000 – Level 1 to 6
  • $100,000 – ALL 7 levels

So you’re looking at a total investment of $100,000.

Click Intensity Tools and Training

The training within Click Intensity is a little boring and uninformative in my opinion. They DO NOT show you exactly how to create a business online (you need your own website). They do give you your affiliate links though, and sample emails that you can use to send to your subscribers (even though it doesn’t look like a real person wrote it).

The training is called “Core Commitment” and includes 7 videos… (I honestly hated the videos)Click Intensity training

  • Know the system – Basically just an introduction (5:58 min long)
  • Buy Silver Packs Daily Until You Hit 4,000 – They want you to spend $25 every day until you hit 4,000 packs, to make the most money possible. (3:42 min long, no thanks)
  • Complete 10 Tasks in the System Daily – You have to complete 10 tasks each day and the video just encourages you to do so (4:51 min long)
  • Refer More and More – This video, like all of them, is just a woman writing on a dry erase board trying to explain how you get referrals. (8:10 min long, you need more time than that to learn about referring)
  • New Member Coaching – This video tells you how to coach the members that you refer. Because the more you can help and convince them to invest it the company, the more money you get. (11:27 min long)
  • Read Daily – The woman basically encourages you to read every day (7:04 min long)
  • Listen to Audio’s Daily – Again she just says you can learn more and stay up to date by listening to audio’s every day. Wich is boring to me. (12:14 min long)

All of this training adds up to 52 minutes and 82 seconds long. That’s all the training they give you, which is not enough if you want to learn how to do this for a living.

Update: Click Intensity has just added 2 more training videos called

  • How To Attract Leaders To Join Your Click Intensity Team – The same woman talks about how to basically get more sales. (6:17 min long)
  • How To Multiply Your time For Maximum Leverage – This one is mostly about how to maximuze and manage your time. (8:13 min long)

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Click Intensity SupportClick intensity support

There is not a great community of successful people at Click Intensity to help you with different things, and give you many different perspectives. You can have that with my #1 program.

Nick Johnson and Tara Mish are supposedly usually present online, especially on their Facebook page. All they really do is provide updates and maybe answer a few questions. Having a Facebook is just proof that they did not put any investment or thought into their community, because a Facebook page is free.

You can also fill out a form to request help from support. There are not super fast responses but they answer you.

Final Thought

This company is trying to improve rev-sharing sites. If you enjoy MLM’s and want to take the risk, more power to you. Maybe you will be successful with it. However, if you are not familiar with MLM’s or how to create and run an online business (or any business for that matter), then Click Intensity is definitely not for you.

There are lots of revenue sharing sites out there, so just remember that all of them are risky and you should never invest more money than you can afford to lose (kind of like gambling).

I think Click Intensity is legit, but I am very happy with how I run my online business at Wealthy Affiliate.



If you have any questions or have had experience with Click Intensity, please leave a comment below!

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