Millionaire BizPro Review

Millionaire bizpro

Millionaire BizPro Review – Is It a Scam?

Name: Millionaire BizPro


Price: $47 to sign up, then $34.95/month after that + upsells GALORE

Owners: Derek Maxwell

What is Millionaire BizPro?

Millionaire BizPro claims to be an online business platform where you can make money by using a pre-designed website to promote and sell their products. I was introduced to it when I got an email saying this was a great opportunity to make massive amounts of income online. I checked out the video and (just like all of the other sales videos out there) it seemed too good to be true. They supposedly help you create an autoresponder to generate leads and traffic to your website, so you can make money automatically without having to do any work. So I signed up, and immediately regretted it the next day. Let me show you why.

Want A Better Way To Make Money Online?

Pros and Cons of Millionaire BizPro


  • Easy to create a website
  • They have some video tutorials


  • The cost can become very expensive
  • They lie in the video (you have to do A LOT of work)
  • They try tirelessly to upsell you on other systems
  • There is no one to help you

Who is Millionaire BizPro For?

They say anyone can use this system (beginner – expert). However, if you are first starting out in the online world you will have NO IDEA what you are doing. They try to explain what you are supposed to do, but I have been doing this for a while and even I was very confused. They don’t even tell you what you are going to be selling! Maybe they just want you to promote Millionaire BizPro, which is just bad training. If you are a beginner online STAY AWAY from this program. If you are an expert I would just stick to what you are already doing.

Millionaire BizPro Tools and TrainingMillionaire Bizpro training

There are training videos that come with Millionaire BizPro. Basically all they help you with is…

  • Creating the website (which is done for you and they all look the same)
  • Creating a GVO account to grow your list of leads (this is the autoresponder, and an extra cost)
  • Setting up how you want to receive your money (either through Paypal or Stripe)
  • Then there is a training video on emailing your subscribers

The only problem with this is that it does not show you what to put in your emails or how to find subscribers. They are NOT just going to come to you! You have to learn how to generate traffic to your website and get leads, which is not provided.

With my #1 recommended business they actually show and teach you how to do EVERYTHING. How to generate traffic, how to get subscribers, how to do affiliate marketing, etc.

How Much Does Millionaire BizPro Cost?

It is $47 to sign up for the program and if you decline they go down to as low as $17, which proves they have no value in their product or system. You also have the option to get priority support and digital backup for $1 more. Then the monthly cost and upgrades are as follows…millionaire bizpro payment

  • $37.95/month for the Delta membership
  • $197 in one payment for the Platinum membership (if you click “No thanks” they offer it to you again for $97, which shows they have no value in their product)
  • $29-$49/month for access to Webfire (a program that drives traffic?)

With the Platinum membership you get a social share button, an opportunity to drive free prospects to your website, tips to grow a list, and how to drive traffic with online videos. Again, this would be better if you actually had a person to help you, but all you have are the videos. I can learn with videos but I always have tons of questions, and for a beginner the videos can be confusing.

Webfire is supposedly a system that drives traffic for you, but this is not true! Nothing can drive traffic to your website automatically without any work. My guess is they just provide you with training to show you how since it is not provided with the Delta or Premium packages. Below are the options for signing up with Webfire.Millionaire bizpro upgrades

The video also says there are only 45 spots available for this membership, but that is simply not true. They will take as many people as they can, so do not fall for it!

Want To Get Started Making Money Online For Free?

Millionaire BizPro Supportbizpro refund

When I first joined I was given a number to call so that I could have a customer service adviser appointed to me. When I called, all the lady said was that she could set me up with an adviser and wouldn’t answer any of my questions.

The adviser never got in touch with me so I put in an order to get my money back through ClickBetter. Luckily the money was refunded to me in a very timely manner, which was great since my experience was very bad. No one helped me or even wanted to help me lean about their system, let alone their products.

Final Thought

In my opinion Millionaire BizPro does not deliver what they claim they will. The only way you can be successful with this program is if you know a lot about internet marketing and know how to generate leads or already have them. Even if you know how to do those things it still doesn’t work as well as other systems. They just want your money!

The business system I use gives you WAY better training and access to thousands of expert online marketers that can help you 24/7.



If you have any questions or have had experience with Millionaire BizPro please leave a comment below!


Your friend,


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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, I just sign up for that scam and bright early tomorrow I will try to get my money back, thanks Karissa please email me the info about the wealthy affiliate site thank

  2. Hello Karissa, I was just about to get started on this site; I paid $47.00 and had problems getting fully started. I eventually tried today, and was able to get in. However, listening to the video was problematic. The mentor went to fast, and I did not know how to restart. After reading your information, I will be asking for my refund. I really do want to work with a legitimate site; consequently, can you e-mail the site you have spoken about?

    Much appreciated,

      1. I was reading about what you it and I got to say thanks was about to spend $100 on it until I read your post on it. Is there a real work from home site that I could go on?

        1. Your welcome Terrence,

          I’m glad I could help. The only program that has made me successful is Wealthy Affiliate, and I can personally help you along the way if you have any questions.

          But there are other good programs on my menu under “Top Programs.”

          The best way to create an online business is with affiliate marketing!

          I hope this helps,
          – Karissa

      2. Karissa, Thank you so much for being in the right place, at the right time! I received all of the information yesterday, went ahead and thought I’d submitted my purchase. Due to the internet overload, since so many are at home because of the virus, my purchase didn’t go thru! I chose to use their support email address, sent them a message, and, Surprise!! It was an invalid address!! I truly wanted to change my occupation, have never done this before, thus, I know I will need proper training. I’m worried about putting myself in an endeavor where I know absolutely about it, but that’s really what I’m looking for! Something new, will make my thought processing jump to attention. Would Wealthy Affiliate be an appropriate “starting point” for me, or am I asking too much? I’m extremely new at this, and don’t yet have a website!

  3. so you are saying that there is no Derek Maxwell and what he is doing is a scam and the people in the video is lying to everyone about it

    1. Yes Lisa,

      I don’t know if Derek is a real person (because who knows), but they ARE lying to everyone and scamming them! Do my trust this program.

      If you want to create a real online business then I can help you.

      – Karissa

  4. this derik bizpro is a scam I piad the 47.00 now I cant even get a hold of anyone to get my refund that they garuntee you. these guys make me so damn mad I just want to take them to the mat and kick their ass for robbing people of their hard earned money I have been working 80 to 88 hours a week for fourty years and you trust some one like this and they crap all over you so all I can say is karma is going to kick your ass

  5. I knew within the first 3 minutes was a SCAM…..anything that tells you that you do not have to do anything….just sit there and make money…that an account is set up and I am already making money….why didn’t I see my name on account? Why didn’t you address me by name? Why are you saying no money not asking for a penny but ends in a small investment….Why does the guy from so-called my home town look like he’s reading a prompt card? Shakes my Head….I hate that these spammer jammers take people’s money…..Like the saying goes a fool and his money are soon parted. Love the site…..keep up the good work…..Always take that few minutes to research…do it while the video is running use image search….go see what it brings up on the two that are doing the testimonials….lol…..Good Luck!!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Juliet!

      I’m glad you could see right through them, and I’m glad you like my site. I wish you luck on your online endeavors!

      Your friend,

  6. Thank you all for the reviews and info. I was tempted as it was only the $47 but I’ve always heard that true work at home programs don’t ask for money up front. And of course, then the don’t go, we’ll let you have it for $17 was the true colors of them. So, I just exited out and didn’t spend a dime. And yes, it looked way to good to be true, but I am definitely glad I found this page.

    1. Thanks for the comment David, I’m glad I could help and I’m glad you didn’t invest! You are correct that true work from home programs don’t ask for money upfront. If you are still looking for a legit work from home program, then Wealthy Affiliate is the best program you can join. 🙂

  7. Hi Karissa,

    Wow, I just watched the video of biz pro. Luckily, I checked out if it was a Scam. I read most of the replies on your review. I too have been searching for a way that is legit to make money online. Since the recession, only gained temp work. Worked free databases promoting merchants products but I have not gained an income.
    Thanks for your Review

  8. Hi karissa,
    Thanks for that info. I joined millionaire biz pro and received one phone call that I could not take at the time and i have heard nothing back since. Do you know how I can claim my money back.? Many thanks in advance

    1. Hello Sheryl,

      I’m sorry they treated you so poorly. You can put in a request to get your money back through ClickBetter I believe. Have you tried that?

      Your Friend,

  9. I got sucked in with MB. I spend $47.00 plus $1.00. Then I had to call in and I spent 2 hours and 40 minutes on the phone for the first interview. I don’t know why I need to have a interview, but ok. I kept going and they never tell you exactly what is the business about. Then they want to know the limits and exact amounts you owe on your credit cards. They are good sales people “very good con artists” and they want money right on the spot, the answer “yes”. I guess I am loosing the $47.00 plus $1.00. At least I can advise others not to fall for this online scam. These people are trained to make you feel good, not to help, JUST TO STEEL MONEY FROM YOU! Well I was a idiot and I fell for it. At least I did not spend more than $48.00. I guess I can consider that as a donation to the wrong people.

    1. I’m sorry you were scammed Carlos. It happens to a lot of people so do not feel like an idiot.

      There are actually legit programs that can help you create an online business (like Wealthy Affiliate). It just takes time and effort. If you need help getting started online I am here to help!

      Your Friend,

  10. Hello karissa , please can you let me know what will be an average income for a month, when you signed with WA. Thanks

    1. Hello Kwabena,

      The income you make depends entirely on you and how much work you put into it. Some people make thousands a month, and some make hundreds. Remember, you are building a business and it will not just happen over night, it will take time to build. My business is growing every month because I work at it every day. The best part is that you can create your website about whatever you are passionate about, and make money doing it.

      If you are willing to work to grow your business and be patient, then WA will work WONDERS for you and you will be making a lot of money in the near future. But if you want to “get rich quick” then you will not find that with WA (let alone any program). All “get rich quick” programs are scams, and there is no such thing.

      I hope to see you on the inside so we can grow our businesses together!

      Your Friend,

  11. Hi karissa…almost got me to…i just wanted to add to your site about Millionaire Bizpro that when you click and try to unsubscribe …it doesnt let you…it takes you right back to the introduction…my opinon that right there is red flag….I didnt subscribe and now i cant unsubscribe ….thanks for you input on their intentions and how they work..

    1. Hello Sheryl,

      No problem! You can probably block them or mark it as spam and they might leave you alone.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  12. I am a 73 year old man who has little income, and I’m struggling just to get by. I’ve had a difficult time getting employment, because of my age, and the fact, embarrassingly, that I had a DUI, a short time ago. I was doing courier work at the time, but due to insurance restrictions they had to let me go. I’m not great on the computer, so my question is can a person who has minimal skills on the internet make any money on this plan?

    1. With my experience no one has made any money with Millionaire BizPro.

      However, I and many other people have been successful through Wealthy Affiliate. You just need to follow the step by step videos and do exactly what they tell you to do.

      If you have any problems you can ask one of the owners (Kyle & Carson), or you can message me on my profile

  13. Everything you wrote is exactly correct. I signed up and started going through the steps only to feel like an idiot when I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to be putting into the auto response emails because I didn’t know what was being offered in the websites MB created and I REALLY didn’t want to take the time to figure it out! Further more, I did get calls from people wanting to “coach” me (of course, this was a great opportunity for me, right?), but wanted both my husband and I to be on the phone when we spoke to the director. That’s code for, “we’re going to ask for an ‘investment’ larger than you normally would agree to and we want to make sure you don’t come back at us later saying you are having marital issues now because you took an financial risk without consulting your spouse”. I didn’t go that far, but I am in the process of requesting a refund for the initial $47. As far as the GVO autoresponder they have you sign up for, I was fortunate that the card I used to sign up for that was about to expire, so after the initial $1 7 day trial, they have been trying to bill me for the follow on service and it keeps declining their charge. I just submitted a trouble ticket for them to close out my account and informed them about how I got to their services was through MB. I let them know that MB leads people into believing that all the tools are provided for their customers, when it really isn’t. Maybe GVO will reconsider their further affiliation with this less than truthful business organization.

  14. Hi Karissa. I almost signed up this morning with Millionaire Bizpro, but I felt it was a scam. I checked on the BBB and your site was a link and am so relieved I clicked on it. Thank you so much for the info. I then tried to sign up, for free, with WA, but said I was already in. I then asked to send password via my email, but then responded stating no email found. It does not have any link to sign up after that. What can I do to sign on? Appreciate the response please.

    1. Hello Ramona!
      You are very welcome, and I am so glad I could help! I’m not sure why it is saying you already have an account with WA. Have you ever tried to join before?

      I would try to join again and if it still doesn’t work, use another email address. Because if you already have an account with your normal email address it should send you the password when you request it. Look for me on the inside on my profile!

  15. I already paid the start payment but till now I can’t access on this web/no one email me or send me message


    1. Well Robert, WA is free to join and you can learn everything you need to know about how to create a business online. If you do exactly as the videos do, then you can become successful. There is a Premium membership you can join, but that just gives you access to WAY more.

      However, nothing is handed to you. You have to work hard to create an income online, but WA is the best place to learn and find help from other entrepreneurs.

      It took me 4 months to see results, and now I am happy with where I’m at. I have been scammed as well, but I love Wealthy Affiliate.

  17. nice site. how funny is this…. I stumbled upon ur site while searching for reviews on millionaire biz pro-
    and found your Wealthy Affiliate ad’s. We have more in common than I thought. I’M A WA member too!!
    I’ll have to look u up & follow u.
    Good job on your review by the way!
    Here’s my site-
    Maybe we can help each other out sometime.
    Misti Cheeks

  18. I’m in a vulnerable spot right now and so I have been looking for another job because the contract I’m on finished and we are on standby. so I saw this and is very appealing but fortunately I have learned from my mistakes and learned to not be so haste when I see something I like. So I googled it and landed here. I feel a relieve a serenity inside me. Thank you for your advise. now I won’t be pulling my hair and regretting a bad decision.
    Thank you a million times

  19. Thank you for letting people know about millionairebizpro. I keep flagging their emails and they still keep emailing me

  20. When they tell you about the money they made in DOLLARS & CENTS that should ring a bell something is up!!

  21. Thank you and to all of those they make honest reviews because there are unfortunately guys paid to do reviews that sustain scams.And the internet is full of scams,probably more than 90% are scams!
    So you can’t trust any review you’ll find on Google and it’s not very easy to realise when is fair and when is not.

    1. That is exactly right Marius. I hate it when I see people that have websites (created for them) that only promote their products and try to scam people. My reviews will always be honest, I promise you that! 🙂

      1. Thank you very much. You saved me from a bad deal.

        But What does the law say about the this kind of business?

  22. For those that they want a refund from ClickBetter,always keep the order receipt when you buy something from them.
    On this order is a link for refund that you must click,but pay attention because they try first to redirect you to the vendor and change your request into a support request and you must rechange it again into the refund request.If I didn’t observed that I could miss the term of 60 days.I was at limit.

  23. Karissa
    Have you ever heard of Stealmysystem? With a person named Steve.
    I think it might be a scam but not sure. I would like your opinion about this company. Thank you very much. C

  24. Hello Karissa, my name is sherry and I almost got sucked into joining Bizpro until I read your comment. Thanks so much for posting that info. Please tell me more about your business.$ 47 for premium option is one time payment or monthly pay? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Sherry!
      Absolutely, I am so glad I could help!

      The $47 at Wealthy Affilite is a monthly payment, but the first payment is $19 if you sign up the first week you join. It is honestly the best money I’ve ever spent, and I am making enough now to pay for itself. I’ve made a return on my investment as well.

      You can also message me on my profile at Wealthy Affilite if you need any help!


      1. I thought you said that wealthy affilite was free and now i see 47.00 and 19.00 what gives ? That does not sound free to me.

        1. Hello Tammy,

          You do not have to sign up for the Premium Membership, it just gives you more themes to choose for your site, the ability to create more than two sites, and access to bigger commissions if you do the affiliate program.

          The free Starter Account gives you two websites, all the training, and there is AMAZING support. I always use the live chat and the search bar to find a lesson on what I need help with.

          Trust me when I say this isn’t a scam, I never thought I would be successful online until I joined WA.


  25. Hi, Karissa. My name is La-Risha. I almost bought into this biz pro mess! Thank you for your review. I would like a at home Internet business but I am not Internet savvy at all. Please help with a site that somewhat “simple” and lucrative. Please help. ♡

      1. Hello Karissa, my name is Myleen and I almost got sucked into joining Bizpro until I read your comment. Thanks so much for posting that info. Please tell me more about your business. I’ve always wanted to be financially free so I could spend more time with my family and have more choices in doing what I want. Please help and guide me in the right ghetto direction. Thank you in advance.

        Yours truly,

    1. Hello! My name is Myleen and I TOO almost joined this Bizpro mess. Something in my heart just told me to so some research before jumping in. Thank God I followed my heart.

  26. Hi Karissa I’ve been looking on your website and it is interesting and it sounds easy. My question to you if I decide to go with your product/ website. Do I start generating money soon as I start or do I have to be trained or coached. I’m a single mom struggling with 3 kids and its hard I tried all the other make money from skeems and they didn’t work only thing I was mad about they took my Monet I sent to upgrade never got that back. I just want to be sure that this is legit. And not too complicated for me cause I really need this cause I’m moving and have no money. Thanks!

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is there to help you create a business online. It is going to take some hard work, but if I can do it then anyone can!

      You don’t generate money right away because you have to give your websites time for Google to trust it, but once you have that the possibilities are endless!

      It’s free to join and you get two free websites! You just have to follow the step by step training, and you can get help from other successful people!

      I am a premium member because you get WAY more websites, tools, and training! And I’m here if you need help (my profile)

    1. Well this is my blog site (

      I have a YouTube channel but I only have one video so far, and that’s here

      1. Hi Karissa, my name is Matty I’m from Brooklyn New York and I thank you for telling me about Millionaire Biz Bro it’s a good thing I didn’t put no money into this because I have been really upset if it didn’t work out and I’m glad to have you tell me the story about what has happened with these people and I’m very happy that you help me out these people should be shut down and forth of justice because that’s not right to put the people if they take that money and use them like that I thank you, sir it was very nice to meet you and I wish you luck and the other things come up please contact me on my email thank you yours truly Matty

  27. I would also like to Thank you Karissa. I come close to spending money I did not have on this. So glad you spared me of this scam. Ofcourse Derek is a billionare. It was tempting. Glad I decided to research this. Thanks again.

    1. I am so glad I could help, no problem! I’ve fallen victim to a scam like this before and it sucks.

      Good luck! 🙂

      1. I can’t find what to do on click better it’s asking for order # and stuff where would I get that?

  28. I’ve already paid Millionaire Biz Pro the initial $47, then they wanted me to sign up for an auto responder which involves an ongoing monthly charge. This got me thinking so I Googled the question “can I use a free auto responder with Millionaire Biz Pro?” and your review was one of the first links. Now that I’ve read through this page I’ll stop my “training” at Millionaire Biz Pro and request a refund through and do some more homework–including Wealthy Affiliate, Shopify, Afiliorama, and

    Thanks Karissa

    1. So awesome! I am so glad I could help. Making money online doesn’t happen quickly and you are going to need training.

      You can be successful with help from experts for free an Wealthy Affiliate, and they really help.

      Good luck and don’t give up,


  29. If you decline the 47$ it says wait please don’t leave you can get this for 17$…when this happens it’s always a SCAM!!!

  30. I was fooled! Bought the system,how do you get your money back? Please help,Iam going to catch hell from my wife! Thanx FJ Angle

      1. Contact click There doesn’t seem to be any other contact info. I got that from your posted info. Is that correct? Or is there another direction to pursue? They seem rather elusive in contact info. Thanx

  31. Thank you very much about your review. I am about to sign up and pay to them and I was doing a lot of research nothing come up until I found your website. I really appreciate your time. I have 4 kids and I have a hard time to find a job working day. However, I hold a master degree in Business as well my Bachelor was marketing. I really love to work from home can you please advice me the good companies I can start work from home.

  32. Thanks for your review. I am into Biz Pro $6000.00 already and now they want another $8000.00. It’s been a month now and I send all my free time doing what they tell me to do and haven’t made a dime back yet. They say you can cancel with in 3 days and get your money back, do I have any chance in getting anything back from these people if I request it now?

    1. I would fight to get that money back! See if you can call them, and raise some hell! I am so sorry you have spent that much money, but you can create a business online with Wealthy Affiliate! If you do that, you have a chance of making your money back after your websites have time to flourish.

      1. Hi Karissa my name is Randy I’ve been trying for about 2years trying to work online and everything I’ve tried has not worked I did what they said and never made money just lost it.I want to know if this really works cause I’m tired of losing money and time with my children(I’m a single dad of 3)hopefully I hear back Take Care

        1. Hello Randy,

          I felt the same way when I kept losing money trying to be successful online.

          Wealthy affiliate is the only one thing that has worked for me. I started making money in a little over four months. You can make the most money if you join the premium membership, but you can try it out for free first and still make money.

          There is a community to help you and you can message me on my profile at WA if you are having trouble. The training is very easy and step-by-step, you just have to do what it says!

          There is definitely no harm in trying it out, since it’s free.

          I hope this helps,
          – Karissa

    2. Rob Marshall stole millions from me and others on scams like this, this program is a SCAM! Call your credit card and tell them you got robbed, maybe you’ll get your money back that way!

      1. If you raise hell they will give you the initial deposit back, but you are absolutely right. It is a scam, and your credit card company might be able to help 🙂

  33. Thanks for the “Heads Up” Karissa.
    Do you know of ANY legitimate online programs, or work from home programs out there? It seems like they’re all scams.
    Thanks for all.

        1. You have to contact ClickBetter, that’s how I got my money back for the initial deposit.

          If you are looking for a real way to make money online click here!

          1. I am on disability I can’t even probably afford yours and why is yours so full proof when theirs isn’t oh yes I would love to have money to have my own place but people on disability can’t afford to take chances.

          2. I am sorry you are on disability :/. However, if you really want to start a business it is going to take some investment. Wealthy Affiliate is just the cheapest and best there is! If you decide to join I will be there to help you along the way if you have any questions.

            I wish you the best!
            – Karissa

      1. Thanks Karissa for the review – most appreciated! Came close to joining – I guess if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t! David

          1. Hey Karissa. Thanks so much for this article. I was about to purchase this program because they make it sound so much easier than WA (which I am a Premium member of). I figured that I would read some reviews first; yours showed up first so nice job!!! Anyway…just wanted to give you a suggestion about this page…at the bottom, I think if you switched the FINAL SUGGESTIONS paragraph to after the VERDICT: SCAM paragraph, it would read easier. I think this because the reader sees the Wealthy Affiliate Banner and then directly underneath it says “SCAM”. You want the last words to be positive if you can! =)
            Also, you can visit my page but I don’t have all my content up yet! Yours is a great example. I love how your site is setup!

          2. Karissa could you help me with that, I’m looking for a legit work from home, could u e mail me? Thanks marcy

          1. Hi can you please tell me in which one are you working.. I want to work from my house but i dont want a scam and don’t want to pay alot please let me know thabks

      2. Please help me i pzid the 47 yesterday and can’t even get to there page today i want my money back it said 60 day money back guarantee

        1. I’m sorry Sherry,

          This is the biggest scam ever! Keep trying to contact them, they should give you your money back.

          I wish you the best!
          – Karissa

    1. They got very detailed about my debt. They wanted me to give them all the debt information. I did not call thm back. They cancelled my interest. I agree it is a scam.

      1. It is so sad how these people target honest struggling people going through hard times and get you to give them the last $50 in their bank account, praying that their life will turn around… ONLY TO BE SCAMMED… All I can say is, KARMA is a bitch.. God bless everyone out there..

    2. This is a SCAM, Rob Marshall stole millions from many people, me included in a ponzi scam and this is one more of his scams! BE CAREFUL! DON’T SPEND ONE CENT ON THIS, you’ll regret for the rest of your life!

    3. I did make money on the program it took me 10 years to make the 365,000 I was looking for. I tried it twice, I was better off with Amway when it came to making money. Even they offer a free website and and platinum member ship as well. And a secondary website, and google listings.

      1. Hello Richard,

        I’m glad you were able to be successful with this program! That just goes to show you that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a successful income online. However, there are programs out there that can teach you better. Like you said, you were better off with Amway. I was better off with Wealthy Affiliate! 🙂

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