Ecomm Elite – Is It A Legit Program?

Ecomm Elite

Ecomm Elite Review

Name: Ecomm Elite


Price: $399/month or $2,499/year

Owner: Todd Snively and Chris Keef

What is Ecomm Elite?Ecomm Elite owners

Ecomm Elite is a new addition to the list of Amazon courses. They focus on Amazon private labeling, but they also cover a couple of other strategies. Basically they teach you how to sell private labeling products on Amazon and make good money doing it. However, this is not a way to “get rich quick.” It will take time to learn and implement before you see a return on your investment. Read about Amazon Affiliate Marketing here!

Both Todd and Chris are not professional internet marketers, they have just made their money by being Amazon sellers. They know what is happening at Amazon before anyone else! With any business you are going to need updated software and tools in order to keep your business thriving, and with Ecomm Elite they give you everything you will need with the membership.

With any business you create online you will be the most successful if you have a website of your own!

Here Is How I Became Successful!

Pros and Cons of Ecomm Elite


  • Good training and tools
  • Good for beginners and experienced sellers
  • They keep you updated with the latest software available


  • Expensive
  • It’s new (so there might be some bugs that need fixing)
  • Not well organized

How Much Does Ecomm Elite Cost?Ecomm Elite price monthly

Ecomm Elite’s membership fee is relatively modest compared to other Amazon courses, but it still isn’t cheap. In order to join the Ecomm Elite membership you have to pay $399/month. You can also purchase the membership for $2,499/year, which saves you over $2,000.

I don’t know about you but many people do not Ecomm Elite price yearlyhave that kind of cash lying around. I have found a way to make money online for almost nothing!

Ecomm Elite Tools and Training

Ecomm Elite has tools that you really need in this business if you want to be successful, and they come with your membership. Some of the tools they offer are…

  • Jungle Scout ProJungle Scout
  • Stat programs to analyze your business
  • Merchant Words
  • InstaBuilder 2.0
  • And more…

I like that they integrate some tools that marketers could already be using (which most are). If you are already using some of these tools then having them all in one place would make it easier.

The training starts off with a Mindset Module to get you started (they just want to make sure your head is in the right place to start a business). They also have regular webcasts that are recorded, and they hold live events. The core training has two paths you can take, which includes a Beginner section and an Advanced section. Of course if you are a beginner you need to start in the beginner section, but it is great if you are already advanced so you can choose to get straight into what you want to learn. There is also a Marketing Section, and here is a breakdown of all of them…

Beginner Training

There are 11 modules in the beginner section, and a bonus module on importing from China. It is very basic, but also covers things like Patents and Trademarks (which not a lot of courses discuss).

Advanced Training

This training has a lot of videos that you can watch that has great information, including tips on sourcing products that is very valuable, and how to tweak your listings to see the best results. There is a lot of training in this section that is not covered in other courses anywhere, so in short their training is VERY good.

Marketing Section

This section includes modules on Facebook Marketing, Outsourcing with Fiverr, using Instagram, and Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click). You also get access to their private Facebook group.

Ecomm Elite SupportEcomm Elite guarantee

They have a 110% money back guarantee, and will refund your current months fee if you are unsatisfied. I have NEVER seen a 110% money back guarantee!

One thing that I really like is that you have access to the owners, which isn’t very common. They can help you, along with other successful internet marketers, so that you can create the best business possible. You can reach them by submitting a support ticket or you can look through articles that might help you.

Final Thought

I think Ecomm Elite is a great place to learn how to be successful online. They are NOT like all the scams I have seen out there, and they seem to be very genuine. However, making those monthly payments is going to be hard until you start to see a profit. How much you make depends on the amount of time you are willing to spend building your business.

If you are looking for a cheaper but still legit way to make money online, then I suggest you check out my #1 recommended program. However, if you have the money to spend then Ecomm Elite would be a great investment!



If you have any questions or have had experience with Ecomm Elite, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Single greatest decision I made for my business was joining Ecomm Elite. Today, 18 months later we have replicated the proccess twice.

  2. Hello, thank you for your review. Currently I am very unsatisfied with their support. They never respond to tickets on time, the attached accounts are generated not automatic, and it is a waist of time. You are correct it is not well organised, plus Tod is very impolite and rude. I claimed about the support and be just blocked me from the FB open group. How can I get my refund, 110% money back guarantee?

    1. Hello Tigran,

      That’s crazy, I can’t believe they blocked you from the Facebook group when you are a paid member. I would try contacting their support again and ask for a refund. Other than that there isn’t any other way to get in contact with them, unless you hire someone to help you.

      They need to get their stuff together and take care of their members or they will lose them all. I wish you the best!

      – Karissa

  3. Hello! Given that their proprietary software that connects to the back-end systems of Amazon is their key selling point (getting UPCs, cost, margin and profit information, etc.), my concern is how the company ensures it is updated and getting correct information every time. What if Amazon changes something in their systems? How does ecomm elite manage those changes? Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Kyle,

      They are aware there will be changes with Amazon. I do believe they make updates as fast as they can, but it is not very fast. I’m not exactly sure how they do it, but they do. It is one thing they need to work on though.

      – Karissa

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