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Learn How To Link Academy Review

Name: Learn How to Link Academy

Website: learnhowtolinkacademy.com

Price: $97.95

Owner: Tony Anderson

What is Learn How To Link Academy?

Learn How To Link Academy is a program that teaches you about drop-shipping. Now, I have tried drop-shipping before and it didn’t work for me because I just didn’t like the work.

Drop-shipping is where a store doesn’t keep the products they sell in stock, and they basically get you to sell it online so they can ship it to them. So you can sell products, make commissions, and never have to handle the products.

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Pros and Cons of Learn How To Link Academy


  • OK training on drop-shipping
  • The owner is a real person (some have fake people)


  • Outdated training
  • Terrible support
  • They lie in their policy statement
  • The advanced training is pointless for the program

Learn How To Link Academy Tools and Training

There are 7 steps you have to follow to get through the training. Some of the steps are very easy to do, and others just make you read through tons of resources (basically PLR content that you can get for free online). Here are the 7 steps in their “learning suite”…

Learn how to link academy training

  1. This step takes you to a link to a sign up and get access to their webinars. You can look at some that have already taken place, or you can see when the next one is going to happen. They are mostly about SEO and drop-shipping.
  2. In the is step you set up the email address for your business, and you set up a PayPal account (PayPal is the best way to get paid).
  3. In this step you get an e-book that talks about drop shipping, using Ebay, and where you can find places that sell products at wholesale prices. There are many different wholesale companies, but they really push DOBA. I purchased DOBA way back when I tried drop-shipping, but it was a waste of money (also VERY expensive). The MOBE scam introduced me to it. You are supposed to purchase products from DOBA then sell them on Ebay for more money and make a profit.
  4. This step just takes you to the same webinars and videos from step 1.
  5. This step takes you to a sign up page for DOBA.
  6. Then this step takes you to the same type of DOBA sign in link.
  7. In this step you get 2 tutorials on drop shipping. However, one is just a link to a DOBA members log-in, and the other is just a lot of videos and tricks on how to sell on eBay.

Things start to get complicated when you get to the advanced tutorials. The tutorials are on many other options for money making. I think this is for people who are not successful with drop-shipping and want to try another way to make money, and they probably just wanted to add more content to the training.

However, if you move on to the advanced tutorials after you do the first 7 steps it will confuse you. You will get lost in this training.

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How Much Does Learn How To Link Academy Cost?

It costs $97.95 to join Learn How To Link Academy, and learn how to link academy priceyou get access to a lot of tutorials on how to make money with drop shipping. They say the “One-Time” offer expires, but I went to the website two different times and the price stays the same.

After you sign up they push you to call them for your consultation. I have done this with other scams, and the call is never REALLY helpful. However, the good thing is there are no upsells, which is nice to see since every other scam out there has a myriad of upsells.

Learn How To Link Academy Support

The support at Learn How To Link Academy is very bad, and they learn how to link academy guaranteedo not care about their members. I tried to get my money back and after waiting for about 10 minutes, I explained why I didn’t like the program and that I wanted my money back. Apparently there is a policy in their terms that states you have to try it for 30 days before requesting a refund. There is mention of a 60 day money back guarantee in their policy, but I found nothing about trying it for 30 days first.

Also, you have to pay a fee if you left the program before trying it for 30 days, which is RIDICULOUS! They lie to you in the policy, so there is no way I would trust them.

Final Thought

From the beginning, it looks like a scam site. However, there turned out to be some pretty basic training on drop-shipping but the advanced training will confuse people (since it has nothing to do with drop-shipping). This program offers very little NEW information on drop shipping.

You can find lots of videos on YouTube about drop-shipping, and you can watch them for free. So why waste your money on this program? However, if you are really serious about drop-shipping, you need to check out SaleFreaks!

If you are looking for a REAL way to learn how to create an income online, you need to watch out for these scams because they will get you! The only way I have been able to create my online business is with help from the community at Wealthy Affiliate, check out the review here!



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