The Email Syndicate Review

the email syndicate

Name: The Email Syndicate


Price: $27.20/month or more, with MANY upsells

Owner: Allen

Update: They have another program called the Gim System, and it is the same exact thing. They just want to try to take more peoples’ money by creating another system.

What is The Email Syndicate and How Does it Work?

The Email Syndicate is an email marketing system where you have to login to athe email syndicate MyInbox Pro account every day and send an email to people on a list that is provided for you. The email you send contains your affiliate link, and if someone opens your email and clicks on your link, you will earn $0.20. Hmm… The video that is provided when signing up for this systems claims that you can create an income from this. I think NOT! Allen is giving you the system for free, but if you want to have a chance at making any money with this system you are going to have to fork over some money.

Allen really created this system to promote other products that he is affiliated with Click Force Traffic, The Click Agency, and ClixSense. He used to use GVO Autoresponder, but has changed to MyInbox Pro. This means that everyone who signs up for this program gives Allen tons of money. It is mostly set up for someone else to make money, not you!

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Once you sign up for the free membership and login to your account, you are taken to a dashboard that gives you 6 steps to take.

The Email Syndicate Steps

Step 1the email syndicate steps

In the first step all they do is give you an introduction to what The Email Syndicate is, and they give you some pre-sell pitches. That’s it! Then at the end of the step it tells you to go to step 4 to start referring people. This makes no sense because you cannot just jump to step 4 without creating an email account and affiliate ID
. They also say you are GUARANTEED to make money in your first 30 days. However, if you do it will only be a dollar or two!

After I signed up I got an email saying I could get started for just $1, but my account was already created. I believe you can do a 30 day trail, then you have to pay the $1 after that (it’s really $1.97). But just keep reading to see everything else you will have to pay for.

the email syndicate price

Step 2MyInbox Pro

The Email Syndicate used to make you set up a GVO Autoresponder account so you could automatically send emails, but they have cut all ties with them (I guess they saw right through them).

The first thing you have to do in step 2 is set up a MyInbox Pro account. After you have created the account you have to choose which plan you would like (you can get 500 – 5,000 subscribers). It also tell you NOT to choose the pay as you go plan (this I do not like). The Email Syndicate then fills your account with 500-5,000 subscribers.

I signed up for the MyInboxPro account by clicking the link below the picture, then I put in my information. It then took me straight to step 3. It says if you have not made your first months payment to MyInbox Pro then you cannot fill out the information. I have seen some MyInbox Pro reviews and apparently they lose important emails (not good).

After you are done setting up and paying for your MyInbox Pro account, you will get a Click Force Traffic ID that you will need to put in your emails that you send. They do not tell you how to get you Click Force Traffic ID, but that is the one thing you need to send the emails.

click force traffic

Step 3

This step is just an upsell to try and get you to purchase more subscribers! You get 500 subscribers each week when you join (until you hit 5,000), but then it says you can get 1,000 subscribers each week for $77/month. My question is “Are these leads good quality leads?” Very doubtful!

the email syndicate upsell

If you decide not to upgrade you just go to step 4.

Note: Everything you purchase from The Email Syndicate is payed through ClickBetter, which is also what Millionaire BizPro uses (another BIG scam).

Step 4the email syndicate emails

In step 4 they ask you to do 3 more things..

  1. Send your email. You scroll down and choose which email you want to send out to your list (they are already pre-written). After you have decided which one you want to send out, you click the SELECT THIS EMAIL button.
  2. Then you enter a From Name for the email, and just your first name is fine.
  3. Then you click the Send Button and you are done for the day!

You have to fill the email with your Click Force Traffic affiliate ID that you get from MyInbox Pro, and after you click the “Send Button” The Email Syndicate will send the email to your email list. Once the subscribers clicks on your link, you get $0.20 from Click Force Traffic.

Find An Easier Way!

Next you can go to step 5, which is an opportunity for you to become an affiliate of The Email Syndicate! I will also get into all of the upsells.

How Much Does The Email Syndicate Cost?

Step 5the email syndicate co-op packages

So it costs at least $27.20/month to sign up for your MyInbox Pro account through Email Syndicate (the price gets higher for more subscribers, but you can only get up to 5,000). You can choose to do the $77/month to get more leads in step 3, and then they offer you these upsells. They used to be cheaper, but for some reason have raised their prices (greedy much?).

  • Co-Op Package 1 – $55 – You get 100 visitors to your referral link, and 200 new subscribers added to your list.
  • Co-Op Package 2 – $99 – You get 300 visitors to
    your referral link, and 600 new subscribers added to your list.
  • Co-Op Package 3 – $249 – You get 500 visitors to your referral link, and 1000 new subscribers added to your list.
  • Co-Op Package 4 – $497 – You get 1000 visitors to your referral link, and 2000 the email syndicate co-op packagesnew subscribers added to your list.

There are also NO REFUNDS if you purchase these packages.

Let’s break this down. Say you get all the packages and spend about $600. You will get a lot of subscribers (3800) and clicks (1900), but what happens after that? If only 500-1000 people actually click on your links and don’t get annoyed with your emails, then you will make about $200.

You would have to keep buying clicks and adding subscribers, but you will NEVER make as much as you spend. Isn’t that the goal of owning a business, to make more than you spend? 

This is just another PPC campaign where you are not in control of your own business! Next we are going to get into the final step, step 6.

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Step 6

All they want to you to do in step 6 is sign up for a MyInbox Pro account. It has the same directions that step 2 does. However, this time they want you to send them your username and password so they can add all of the subscribers you have had in the past 30 days on to your account.  I think this is for people that have been members for a while, and it is to show them how to create an account since they dropped GVO autoresponder.

The Email Syndicate Affiliate Program

After you have purchased all of these clicks and visitors from the Co-Op Packages, they then ask you to purchase more from The Click Agency or from ClixSense to build your referrals more.

You can get referrals to join The Email Syndicate (after they click on your link and join), and you get $0.10 every time one of your referrals purchases an upgrade. You get a little more money, but it’s not life changing.

You also get $30 for each member you refer every month, depending on the affiliate package you purchase (the commission changes). They make this seem WAY easier than it actually is to get referrals, do not fall for it!

So how much does it cost?

the email syndicate upsells

So this supposedly FREE system requires you to spend 1000’s of dollars to make money now.

The Earning Disclaimer

There are some red flags when it comes to reading the fineprint. Here are some excerpts of The Email Syndicate Earnings Disclaimer

  • Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it’s potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials.
  • We do not purport this as a “get rich scheme.” Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

So if you do not make money with The Email Syndicate, too bad. They have themselves covered, and they do not care about you!

Final Thought

I think The Email Syndicate is a VERY complicated system. It seems they are trying to make it better but it is just confusing. It was created to make lazy people think they can make money online just by sending easy emails every day. In my experience it takes work an time to get QUALITY leads. In my opinion, the leads they give you to put on your list are not very good leads and most likely will not care about clicking on your link.

Another thing I do not like is that you will be scamming others, just like you! There is no way I would put any of my hard earned money into this system.



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If you have any questions or have had experience with The Email Syndicate or the Gim System, please leave a comment below!

Your Friend,


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  1. Email Syndicate is a big scam because I joined for free, which is what it states in the video. There is free email for members to send but I tried to look for the link to send the email to subscribers and it said I should upgrade, which made me wonder if it was a scam. I also tried to order 1000 subscribers and got message from clickbetter that my order has been cancelled! I am very lucky that I stayed away from them!

  2. They bait you with $100 They tell you can make lots of money daily but the most I ever made was $5 with 25 clicks Average 20 clicks a day for $4 daily even though I pay for 2000 subscribers at $60 month I earned $500 by Thanksgiving but still information about how to get paid the commission I have sent multiple emails but no response Stay away, scam

      1. I have been sending e mails for nearly 3 months now, and as I get near the $500 threshold I can’t send any e mails and can’t get a hold of anyone from support. This Gimsystem emailing (The Email Syndicate) is in conjunction with my in box pro that I had to sign up for $29, which I paid for 2 months and then they up scaled it to $44 without me knowing and now I am thinking big Scam. I have spent over $100. Michael Beeson is the guy who sent this offer. If anyone who knows anymore about this guy, I would appreciate any helpful info.

        1. Hello Declan,

          I am sorry that you fell victim to this like many others have. I would keep trying to contact support, but you also need to face the fact that you may never see that money. The Email Syndicate is a big scam, and now it seems they have changed their name to Gimsystem (red flag). Don’t spend anymore money on this, if you want to find the best way to build an online business click here! Good luck!

          – Karissa

  3. I’m not sure if someone made a mistake and accidentally signed up using my email address, or if a scammer had found my email and was phishing for more information. Over a 30 minute time period, I received FIVE emails, all associated with this The Email Syndicate scam. BTW, I had NEVER heard of these people before and a bit of googling brought me to your web site about scams.

    1. First email was from “GIM system” using the email address with the sales pitch “You are less than 10 minutes away from making your first $100 right now!” The email contained a new username (which was my email address) and a password that was far too simple to be a real password: three letters+connie. For example: “nemconnie”. The email contained instructions as to logging on and what to do and was signed by “Michael Beeson.” At the bottom of the email was the physical address: “777 Hornby Street Vancouver BC V6Z2H7 CANADA.” All the emails had this physical return address.

    2. Second email was from “Michael Beeson” at the email address addressed to Connie, reading “Welcome to the Team!” and again had the sales pitch and instructions about logging on with the same username as the first email, but this time the password was just “Connie” and the email was again signed by “Michael Beeson.”

    3. Third email was from “Bryan Jones – GIM system” at the email address and the opening line said “Hey Connie Beesgood” followed by “I wanted to get in touch to let you know that we really want to work with you so that you can start making money every day!” The email contained instructions as to logging on and what to do, but the password was back to “nemconnie” telling me that if I was “You are on my team, and
    I am here to help you.” and was signed by “Bryan Jones – GIM system.”

    4. Fourth email was from “Michael Beeson” at the email address and read “Hey Connie. Congratulations on submitting your MyInBoxPro Email Sending Account information!” There was information about setting up the MyinBoxPro account with the following text IN RED: “Please Confirm That You Activated Your Account and Paid The $27 For Your MyInboxPro Account” Once again, there were instructions about logging on and included the same username/password as emails 1 and 3. Additionally, there were now images (exactly like the ones shown on your web site) giving visual instructions in detail as what to do to sign in and pay. Email was signed with just “Michael.”

    5. Fifth email was from “MyInboxPro ” and stated “Welcome to MyInboxPro, Connie!” asking me to sign on at and sign in to confirm my email address.

    – – – – – – –
    Interesting side note: At the time of the last email, I then received FIVE different text messages (over a period of 4 minutes) to my cell phone from a company called Stripe (which would be the online payment company, which I have used with my email address to pay for some recurring monthly payments), however the text messages had a rather odd, stilted wording that included a typo, which made me wonder if the texts were fakes (spoofs). There is a chance the text messages were just a coincidence though. I received no emails about the text messages. I plan to contact to let them know about the texts.

    BTW, the email address I am using to leave this posting with is NOT the email address that was used. I’m isolating that email right now, until I can figure out what was going on. Since I did NOT sign up for The Email Syndicate, I really do NOT want to contact them to ask about this. I’m also afraid to click on the UNSUBSCRIBE link the emails.

    1. Hello Ella,

      That is crazy what happened to you. I hope people will read this and realize what a scam it is. Scammers try to get your money for a living so they are determined and consistant.

      Good luck, and I hope it all gets resolved.

      – Karissa

  4. I too joined back in October now we are in the middle of November and i can not get any response except they are unable to send my emails because of lack of credits, but when I check they are being sent because my money is adding up. When I send a reply concerning this I get no answer back. I am suppose to get up to 500.00 USD to get paid but I am wondering if an when I get there if they will pay off if I don’t have the credits. Where can I find this out?

    1. Hello Patricia,

      There really isn’t any other place to find this out except by contacting their customer service and support team. If they do not answer you then you are out of luck. This thing is a huge scam. I hope it works out for you.

      If you are looking for a legit place to create an income online, check this out!

      – Karissa

  5. Liebe Leute. seit 6 Wochen versuche ich hier etwas Geld zu machen, jeden tag emails, geld wird versprochen,
    ich habe aber noch keinen Gewinn gesehen Ich warte noch eine woche ab, wenn da nichts kommt, dann gibt es eine Negativ Kampanie

    English: Dear people. For 6 weeks I tried this program to make some money, every day there are emails promising money, but I have not yet seen any profit.

    1. Hallo Marschall,

      Es tut mir leid, dass Sie Zeit und Geld in dieses Programm verschwendet haben. Wenn es irgendeine Weise gibt, die ich helfen kann, informieren Sie mich bitte. Wenn Sie ernsthaft über die Schaffung eines Unternehmens online sind, schauen Sie sich wohlhabend Affiliate. Es ist meine Nummer eins rangiert Programm!

      – Karissa

      Hello Marschall,

      I am sorry you have wasted time and money into this program. If there is any way I can help please let me know. If you are serious about creating a business online, check out Wealthy Affiliate. it is my number one ranked program!

    1. Hello Curtis,

      If you do not have the money to activate your account then I suggest you do not join The Email Syndicate. They really just want your money anyway, and they just want you to promote the system so they can have other peoples’ money too. If you really want to learn how to create an income online, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join, you can create your own business, and you can learn a LOT.

      Do not fall for scams like this! If you need help with creating your business I will be here to help (here on my site and at WA)!

      – Karissa

  6. I signed up 5 days ago for MYINBOXPRO and something called GIMSYSTEMTRAINING.COM!!! Im irritated to find out that they most likely dont pay out. I asked in an email to their support, they told me $500. Now ive generated $17 in the past 5 days with .20 cents each and with $100 bonus sign up. I wasnt expecting a huge amount of money or get rich quick scheme but just try it for a month and hopefully get couple hundred but i dont think ill ever see any money from them. As i also am not getting any resoponse to my questions for 2 days either. I just keep getting lotsomore of the original emails i was getting for the invitation to watch the videos and sign up.. Not happy about this :/ So i came accross wealthy affiliate and am going to check it out for a week and see if its right for me… Thanks.

    1. I’m having major problems with them as well. I signed up for MYINBOXPRO on Oct. 6 and paid the $29.90 for the first month. Then on Oct. 12th when I tried to send the email, they said I did not have enough credits to send it. I have not been able to send an email since. I have sent 8 emails to them requesting the get my accounts straight to no avail. Then I sent a final email requesting they delete all my accounts and they won’t even do that. I’m going to talk with a lawyer friend of mine to see what options I can against them.

  7. I see the email sydicate used to have Gvo and now changed to myinbox or something but Price more than GVO.

    I do have wealthy affiliate but I find it confusing and as hearing impaired I find no captions in videos which I can hear but not follow all what being said.

    1. Yes Jennifer,

      You are correct. I think they either got kicked out by GVO, or they are trying an update that is not very good. I also think they are NOT being very successful and they want to try to gt more money.

      Glad to know you use WA, and I hope to see you inside 🙂

    2. Hi
      I have been using the email system for over 2 months now… my commision went over 700 US dollars,but no replies or feedback as to how to get your commissions paid…Seems to me pure scam too.. Please do not fall to it too!!!

  8. HI

    I didn’t even know that email syndicate fall in scam as I’m in it for so long.

    yeah i was to reach up to 450 but not so far yet so I assume it scam as i checked reviews in google search.

    Thanks and saved me from wasting $49 a month.

  9. I worked for these scammers sending emails everyday for months. Clickforce Traffic starts out saying the minimum threshold for payment is $350 but as soon as I got close to that they changed the threshold to $450. So stupid me I kept going until I got close to earning $450 and suprise…. they raised the payment threshold to $1000. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM!!! I wonder if anyone has ever been paid by these thieves.

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