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Traffic authority

Traffic Authority Review

Name: Traffic Authority


Price: $27 – $8000

Owner: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey

What is Traffic Authority?

Initially there was a website called the Infinite Leverage System that came out in 2014, but it now redirects to Traffic Authority. This website encourages people to sign up for the “Infinite Leverage” platform where you are going to spend $27/month on mediocre training, and $220 to $8000 on traffic packages. Once you do this, the person who recommended you earns money. This means it is a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company!

One major problem with Traffic Authority is the exaggerated sales video. Many of the promises are misleading and false. You will not get any high quality traffic through this system! The point is to buy traffic for your website, or get others to buy traffic for their website. The more traffic websites have the more money they make.

Want A Better Way To Make Money Online?

Pros and Cons of Traffic Authority

I have seen a lot of terrible online products, so I know a scam when I see one. I want to show you the pros and cons that stood out to me about this system.


  • You get good commissions (but only after you buy everything)
  • Free affiliate membership


  • You have to purchase the products before you can promote them
  • There is nothing free about it
  • You can’t earn any money until you have 6 sales
  • The traffic is poor quality

Who is Traffic Authority for?

People who want to make money with this MLM program have to buy the products first before they can start promoting it. This is definitely not for beginners, and only for experts that have the money to spend. There are two ways you can earn money.

  • Click Brilliance ($27/month with $20 commissions)
  • Cost Per Click Traffic ($220 – $8000 with 50% commissions)

Now there are rules to this. 

In order to receive commissions, you have to buy all of the products. You have to buy every Traffic Package, the Traffic Optimizer Tools, and the Traffic Academy Training to qualify for commissions. The first six sales are split between them and the affiliate that referred you to them. After the first 6 sales then you get 80% and the sponsor gets 20%.

Personally I think this is an unethical method to be successful with creating an online business.

How Much Does Traffic Authority Cost?

There are two monthly memberships that you can choose from:Traffic packages

  • Traffic Optimizer Tool – $27/month
  • Traffic Academy Training – $97/month

Then there are traffic packages you have to buy:

  • Basic $220
  • Bronze $440
  • Silver $660
  • Gold $1097
  • Platinum $2197
  • Titanium $4297
  • Diamond $8397

The Traffic Authority affiliate membership is free, but you can’t get immediate commissions. You have to make three sales of each product to earn anything. Now to become completely qualified to receive commissions, you must buy all the products:

  • $11,108 for all the traffic packages
  • $124/month for the monthly packages

So assuming you purchase the $220 basic traffic package you are only qualified to sell that package. If you want to sell the Diamond package you have to spend $8000, and you can sell all of the products.

This will never be an advantage for you. So be careful, don’t get caught up by the gimmicks especially if you are new to online marketing.

Traffic Authority Tools, Training and SupportTools and training

You get different tools and training depending on what monthly membership you sign up for. With the Traffic Optimizer package you get:

  • Email Capture Pages
  • Advanced Link Tracker and Rotator
  • One-Click Split Testing Software
  • and Popups, Timers, and Exit PagesTools and training

With the Traffic Academy you get:

  • Traffic Academy Training Course
  • 30 Day Traffic Game Plan Training
  • Live Training from Traffic Experts
  • Traffic Authority Certification

You can get most of these tools and training for free with my #1 recommended program! You can just ad a plug-in to your website to get most of these. They do not have 24/7 support, and that is what you really need!

You can also contact their customer service, but do not hold your breath when you wait for a reply! It also takes FOREVER to get your money back if you want a refund.

Final Thought

Traffic Authority is not something I would invest any money in. It is too good to be true, and I personally don’t trust the expensive traffic system. You are not given real education, only hype. I encourage you to stay away from this program. It will suck you dry before you make any money.

You can give it a try if you want to get more traffic to your site. But I promise it will no be as easy as it seems.

This doesn’t even compare to the way I make money online. It is actually FREE and you have 24/7 help and training from thousands of online experts.



If you have any questions or have had experience with Traffic Authority, please leave a comment below!

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