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image Vibrant Money System Review – Is It Legit or a Scam?

Name: Vibrant Money System


Price: $1.95 then $29.95/month after that

Owner: John Sellers

Vibrant Money System – The Product

This kind of product has been on the internet scene for a few years now and more are released every year! I wanted to do this review so you can know what to look for and make an informed decision about this system. It has some appealing headlines here and there, which is common for schemes, and I will show you what I found.

When you watch the video you will be introduced to the creator John Sellers. When I started doing research on this program I learned that John Sellers is not real. The real creator is Travis Stephenson. Travis Stephenson is an internet guru that runs many programs like this that swindle people out of money, especially beginners. Many people know him as a fraud who gets fake testimonials to create products like this.

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What is Vibrant Money System?

Vibrant money systems is just like all the rest of the “push-button” systems claiming to make you tons of money. This product is not really what it says it is and it is only meant for people who are at least 18 years of age, and they want your credit card information to verify that.image

They claim they will help you use affiliate marketing combined with Vibrant Money Systems tools in order to start profiting. They focus on a number of affiliate programs including Google, Amazon, Bass Pro Shops (weird), etc.

You do not get any software or product when you purchase this system! You only get a website that is not even ready to be published, and there is no instruction on what to do with this website. Many people also have a very hard time trying to cancel their order. The only person who makes money with this system is the owner!

Pros and Cons of Vibrant Money System


  • This system is cheaper than most


  • There is no training or instruction on what to do
  • The website you get is not published
  • The support is terrible
  • They show a fake owner instead of the real one
  • The video lies (the video will never be taken down, the same deal will be there the very next day, and there are fake screenshots of money)

Who is Vibrant Money System For?

This system claims to be for everyone from beginners to experts. But no one will be able to be successful with this system other than the people who created it. If you are a beginner you need watch out for the promises they persuade you with. If you are an expert you probably knew from  the very beginning of the video that it was not a good opportunity.

Vibrant Money System Tools and Trainingimage

They never tell you how the system actually works. There is no training on HOW you are supposed to make money. John Sellers provides subscribers with a number of different free tools including a website template, business management software, and marketing tools for things such as
. As mentioned, Vibrant Money System also comes with training to help you in creating content and driving imagetraffic, a free bonus e-book that shows you how to buy and sell websites, and a 30 minute online consultancy call (presumably with John Sellers).

I’m not sure what kind of marketing tools they are talking about here or how they want you to drive traffic, but the only way I have learned how to drive traffic and market my products is with the business system that I use! I have as much help as I need from the leading experts in online marketing.

Vibrant Money System Support

Many products have raving fans that help promote their products all over the internet. However, there are not many positive reviews about this system and it raises suspicion among most. People who have given positives reviews are probably being pad to do so! I have seen many reviews of people who wanted to get their money back, and it took FOREVER for the support to follow through with it. They try to hoard your money and hope that you forget about it.

How Much Does Vibrant Money System Cost?

If you enroll in the program you will only be charged a one time fee of $1.95, and then you have 5 days to try the program and cancel your order. If you do not cancel your account will be charged $29.95, which is recurrent every month and they do not tell you about that.image

If you do not go to the website and are directed straight to the video it asks you to pay a one time fee of $9.95, and if you decline you will be prompted to join for only $4.95. Then if you still decline you will get another pop-up asking for just $1.95. To me this is ridiculous and seems desperate for your money, and it means they do not value their product.

Final Thought

The reality is that Vibrant Money System is not a good system. If it is, why would the creator hide behind John Sellers? I’ll tell you why, to deceive you! I know both of the co-founders of my #1 online business system, and I have talked to both of them!

You can try this system, but good luck getting your money back. I wouldn’t waist my time with this, so if you are really serious about creating an income online check out how I do it and I will help you personally! It is WAY easier and it’s FREE to join!



If you have any questions or have ad experience with Vibrant Money System, please leave a comment below!


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