Website ATM – Will it Help You Earn Money?

Website ATM Review

Name: Website ATM


Price: $47 + upsells

Owner: Nick Harvey

I first encountered Website ATM when I saw an Ad on Facebook claiming lots of people were making hundreds of dollars a day with this system. You may think there are no scams on Facebook, but THERE ARE! This is a complete Facebook Ad scam, which means there are other Facebook Ad scams too, so please be careful!

I watched the video and knew right away it was “too good to be true.” And you know what they say, “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!”

Congratulations for taking your time to research this before you invested in it. You will want to read this!

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What Is Website ATM?

Website ATM is a system that claims you can make tons of money by just simply signing up, and they will make the money for you. Apparently they are just giving away money.

This guy named Nick Harvey claims in the video that he has just created a website for you and that it is already making money as the video is playing. He claims this is a “secret” and that he just sends money to his “partners” every day. All he needs you to do each day is check to see if you received the money he sends you.

If making money online was that easy, everyone would be doing it! It looks and sounds like a scam from the very beginning. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, there is NO “PUSH-BUTTON TO SUCCESS.” It takes learning, time, and dedication to build a business online. It’s not impossible, it just takes work.

Systems like this give affiliate marketing a BAD NAME!

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You will not make money without putting in the work. Have you ever received anything worth while in life without working hard? I mean, this system sounds ridiculous.

Don’t let them take advantage of you!

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How Does Website ATM Work?

When you click on the link from the promotion it takes you to Your Dream Websites is another name this scam goes by, so Website ATM is just promoting it under their name.

When you sign up with Website ATM they promise you a “done-for-you” website that is configured with links and that will make you lots of money. In reality it has the same template as everyone else that signs up, meaning every site is duplicate.

It is impossible to make money with websites like this.

Search engines, like Google, will not recognize duplicate websites! Meaning you will not get any traffic with it (no one visiting your website), and that means no sales.

There is NO training on how to get more traffic and scale your website either! They just give you the site and that’s it. They will NOT give you money each day if your website is not profiting!

See their FAKE countdown is above!

Website ATM also does not offer website hosting, which you have to have! You will have to pay extra each month for that, and they send you to an expensive website hosting platform that they are affiliated with for you to purchase that, which makes them more money off of you.

This system is VERY similar to other scams out there. Almost as if they were made by the same person, hmm… probably because they were! The same people create different names for the same scams, and it’s disgusting!

They make you promises, and do not follow through with any of them! They use many scam tactics too, like fake count downs that give you a sense of urgency. I promise they have plenty of spots for people to fall victim.

Website ATM is also a sales funnel that takes you to EasyKits, which is a program that costs thousands of dollars!

How Much Does Website ATM Cost?

It costs $47 to join Website ATM. However, the fees do not end there! If you want to learn more about their affiliate marketing system, you will have to pay another $997 to access their training.

Not to mention you will also have to pay monthly for the hosting on your website (can be as much as $50/month for bad programs).

You will end up spending WAY more money on this than an actual legit program.

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Can You Actually Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

In short, YES! There are thousands of people who make money online using affiliate marketing. It’s how I make money online with websites just like this one!

But it doesn’t work like this program is claiming! I started from the bottom, just like you, and now I am making a passive income online. All by learning from my #1 recommended program! I have learned SO much, and I am so thankful to have found an actual legit way to make money online.

You can learn to make money through amazon, promote other programs, and promote things that you are actually passionate about!

Like cooking? Then create a business that promotes cook ware you use and love.

Like hiking, climbing, or any other outdoor activity? Create a business around it and promote things you use when you do that activity.

The opportunities for making money online by using affiliate marketing are ENDLESS! So find yours!

Final Thought

Website ATM is a complete SCAM! Proof that there are scams on Facebook that people promote through Ads. This program showS you fake testimonials (they get pictures of people from stock photos), they give you fake pictures of the creator, and they use the same scam offers but just slap another name on them!

You will not make money online as easily as they claim. No one is just going to hand you money every day. I know it sounds amazing, but no one is that generous. There is no real information about the owners of this program because they do not want you to find them.


If you have any questions or have had experience with Website ATM, please leave a comment below!

Your Friend,



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  1. Hello Karissa,

    Thanks for giving your light on Website ATM to stop scamming people. I also found many fake testimonials online regarding Website ATM. There is some very useful information for me here. I decided to go with and start my business today with your top recommended program wealthy affiliate. I am very happy to see it has training, which is awesome for me. It also has a live chat support system for instant help, amazing!

    Thank you


    1. That’s awesome Parveen! Thanks for the comment, and let me know if you need help with anything getting started 🙂

      – Karissa

  2. Hello Karissa, thank you for sharing this review of Website ATM. True, there are no quick ways to make money online. It takes a lot of hardwork, commitments, dedication, and time before one would begin to see results. I don’t like done for you systems, I’d rather build from scratch. I also don’t like programs with upsells either. I’m considering Affiliate Marketing right now. 

    My kind regards!

    1. Thank you!

      Affiliate marketing is definitely the true legit way to go if you want to make real money online. Let me know if you get stuck or have any questions, I’ll be happy to help!

      – Karissa

  3. Yup, I have seen a lot of these programs in the past – time-sensitive offers, lots of bogus testimonials and fake photos. I mean, the moment you look at it, you know it’s fake. But I think sites like Website ATM is finding it hard to survive these days with more people reading reviews before they buy stuff.

  4. I was really interested in your article because I am an affiliate marketer who is always looking for programs to add to what I am already doing. I have heard of Website ATM but did not know anything about it until I read your article. You have been very specific about your concerns with this program. I was particularly glad that you mentioned the up sale necessary to get all the training and help at Website ATM. 

    The program that you advertise at the end of your article is the real deal with great training, 24/7 support and full service web hosting. Thanks for your article. I hope it steers others away from Website ATM as it has me.

  5. Hello Karissa, it is very easy for one to conclude that Website ATM is nothing but a scam having read all the information that you put together here on your website. The point here is that they do not live up the claims made, they are only trying to take more money away from people with the upsells. I am very certain that the owner Nick is not the owner’s real name, and he is just hiding behind the curtain.

    You did a great job uncovering this sham. Nice work!

  6. Hey Karissa! Thanks for bringing another scam to steer clear of to light with this review. “Apparently they are just giving away money.” I really didn’t have to read past that to know that this was going to be a scam. I know that get-rich-quick schemes are enticing. But so are McDonald’s hamburgers and most of us know that eating them every day isn’t going to be the best diet plan for your long-term health. Like your eventual recommendation, I’ll stick to Wealthy Affiliate and the “hare” approach!

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