World Ventures Dream Trips – Is It An MLM?

World Ventures

World Ventures Review – Is It Another MLM Scam?

Name: World Ventures


Price: $360 + $60/month

Owner: Wayne Nugent & Mike Azcue

What Is World Ventures?

There have been a lot of questions and discussions on whether or not World Ventures (a Multi-Level Marketing Company) is a scam. Well I am going to present the opportunity that they are offering, and whether or not you should buy into it. MLM is sometimes misrepresented as a pyramid scheme, but the two have similarities. However, MLM is not
always a scam but sometimes they are, which is why you have to be careful.Fun, freedom, and fulfillment
World Ventures is not really out to cheat people out of money, however they make people believe they can be financially free with little work. I has a pretty good business model just like other big MLM companies, like Mary Kay, Herbalife, Kyani, etc.

I am sharing this review with you because I was presented with the opportunity to join World Ventures a few months ago before I got into Affiliate Marketing, then again just a week ago so I know it is becoming more popular. I’m going to give you my personal experience and opinion, so you can form your own perception of World Ventures and decide whether or not it is worth joining.

But first I am going to share with you what World Ventures is about, and it’s compensation plan!

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Pros and Cons of World Ventures


  • There is a good compensation plan
  • Some of the trips are VERY inexpensive


  • You have to travel with other World Venture members
  • The flights are not included in the trips
  • You can get SOME trips cheaper on other sites
  • There are monthly payments to have access to the discounts
  • Support only comes from the person who introduced you to the product or their upline, not the company
  • 80% of the people who join World Ventures do not make money

What is Dream Trips?

  • Dream Trips (The Product)
  • Representative Business System (The Business)

Dream TripsWorld Ventures Experience

Dream Trips is supposedly a platform that provides the cheapest travel packages to members of World Ventures. But these travel packages do not include flights, and there is no way that flights canYou Should be here
be included. This is different than other budget travel websites that offer all-in-one options to pay for everything, including flights.

World Ventures took the concept that discount clubs like ‘Sams Club’ or ‘Costco’ use, and applied it to travel packages. However, I am a member of Costco and they also have some travel packages, just not as wide a selection. Dream Trips usually books a lot of hotel rooms altogether to negotiate a low fee with the hotel. I would say SOME of their travel packages are cheaper than anywhere else.

However, these travel packages are only available if you are a member, and ONLY members of World Ventures can view the prices of the travel packages. This is something that I do not like because non-members cannot compare the prices between popular budget travel websites and Dream Trips to decide if it is worth joining World Ventures. And there are some upscale costs involved when you join Dream Trips.

Another thing I don’t like about the travel packages offered in Dream Trips (and something you should strongly consider before joining) is that you will be traveling with other members of World Ventures. Personally, I do not like the idea of travelling with other people because I like my privacy when it comes to me and my wife.

Representative Business System

In order to make money with World Ventures, you need to sign up for the Representative Business System (RBS), and I am not sure if RBS is valid in all countries. RBS is a system that calculates and determines the commission for each member of World Ventures.

In order to make money with World Ventures you have to pay to be a member of Dream Trips, and then you need to pay more money to join RBS to be able to promote World Ventures and make commissions.

For me it is a lot of pressure to find 4 people within the first 30 days. The cost for joining World Ventures is a little extreme, and when I was presented with this opportunity I didn’t have much time to bring people on to World Ventures because of my full-time job.

Who Is World Ventures For?

World Ventures is for People who:

  • Have sales experience
  • Have prior MLM experience
  • Have extra money to spare
  • Are hard-working and determined
  • Have time and can provide a lot attention to build a full-time business
  • Do not mind travelling with other World Ventures Members

World Ventures is not for people who:

  • Are heavily in debt
  • Are expecting to make money fast and without hard-work
  • Do not have extra time to build a full-time business
  • Are not wanting to be a sales person
  • Don’t want to travel with other people

Want An Easier Way To Make Money?

How Much Does World Ventures Cost?

There is a Gold Membership and a Platinum Membership.Dollar sign

The Gold Membership is $199.99 for the initial membership fee, plus $54.99 per month. You have everything below included in the membership:

  • Access to DreamTrips and VolunTours
  • DreamTrips extras, such as airport transfers, hosts, excursions and activities (where available)
  • Access to discounts on airfare (not included in trip price)
  • DreamTrips Rewards program
  • RateShrinker3
  • Exclusive travel deals year-round
  • Flight accident insurance
  • Dining and entertainment discounts

The Platinum Membership is $299.99 for the initial membership fee, plus $99.99 per month. You get all of the above including these extras:

  • Exclusive Platinum Member-only DreamTrips
  • Advance access and booking for all DreamTrips
  • Upgraded airport transfers
  • Early check-in and late check-out
  • 50 percent discount on the room upgrade cost for available room types
  • Platinum Perks: Additional complimentary excursions, activities, green fees, spa discounts, resort credits and more
  • Emergency evacuation services
  • Apply 20 percent more DreamTrips Points per Reward DreamTrip

This can be a deal breaker for some people that don’t have an extra $100 a month. If you are just looking for cheap trips to go on with other people, that’s great, but if you are trying to start a business with this it wI’ll cost a good sized investment.

World Ventures Support and Training

MLM is a people’s business. The company doesn’t help you, only the person who introduced you to the company helps you, along with the person who signed him up. If they don’t know a lot about the company then it is more like ‘the blind leading the blind.’ Sometime people are pressured into signing up, and then run around like crazy trying to find 4 people to sign up as their downline within 30 days to make a bonus commission and to waive off the monthly subscription.Seminar

If you create a downline as fast as you can, then you have to help them find their 4 people. If you don’t know how to help them, then they will have no results. You are given the impression that the product sells itself, and you do not need to do any selling yourself. This not true, you have to convince people it is worth it.

There are supposedly weekly and/or monthly seminars where leaders of World Ventures provide an introduction of the opportunity, and other members share their experiences. However, some seminars are great, and some are not. It depends on the speaker, and if they are not good at communicating the opportunity it will make people you invited lose interest.

Bringing people to the seminars is not difficult, but convincing them to sign up as a representative of World Ventures is really difficult. My sponsor was not a salesperson, and had no idea how to promote World Ventures. When you rely on your sponsor and their upline and they do not know what they are doing or are too busy to help, the opportunity becomes worthless and a waist of money.

I knew I could not get 4 people in 30 days because I am not a sales person, and I am not as influential as some people are. I’ve tried to join other MLM companies, but it just isn’t for me. Even with a lot of effort, you still may not succeed.

The Income Disclosure of World Ventures states that almost 80% of people who join do not make any money, and the 20% who make money don’t earn a sustainable income.

Final Thought

There’s much more to lose than gain from World Ventures. You have to put in TONS of effort to make a successful business, even though there’s no guarantee of success.

If you really want to learn how to make money but do not want to pay such an hefty price, I would recommend you check out my #1 recommended business opportunity. This opportunity provide you with basic and advanced education and training to start your own online business.



Please provide your feedback on my World Ventures Dream Trips review, and I will be happy discuss it with you. If you enjoyed the post please share it by clicking on the social media icons below.

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  1. Hi I was a member of theirs for plus/minus 3yrs. The problem is I forgot the years. Brain cells are having challenge due to age. During my contributions I could not travel as I had some personal issues that made me not be able to travel from 2017/2019. I am enquiring if there is a compensation for the contributions never used.

    1. Hello Chemy,

      I am not sure if you can get compensated for not using what you already paid for. However, you can contact them here by phone 972-805-5100!
      Best of luck!

      – Karissa

  2. Someone (i won’t mention their name) shared some choice and very negative words with me about World Ventures. This led me to do more research and I found that many people have had bad experiences. Honestly, WV has some great vacation packages and thats why I became a member. I know people paying almost twice as much as I am to take trips. Any how, all this negativity led me to write a blog addressing the curious as well as all the negative Nancy’s out there. You can check it out here:

  3. I was curious about if it is worth the money for two ppl (my hubs and me). I care less about a business aspect, but could I get cheaper travel booking myself? If a three day trip cost 600 per person and that doesn’t include airfare-is that a normal price?

    1. Hello Carla,

      I would say 600 per person (not including airfare) is NOT the best price. I have found deals way better than that on Facebook. However, it also depends on where you want to go. If I were you I would keep shopping around, and compare other offers. Remember, in order to use World Ventures you have to pay to become a member first, and that just ads to it.

      – Karissa

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