8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review

Name: 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

Website: 8figuredreamlifestyles.com

Price: $2,000 – $22,000 + fees

Hello my internet marketing friends! Today I decided to do a review on 8 figure Dream Lifestyle. I heard about it after getting a text saying I could make $5,000 by following easy steps. So what is this program really about? Is it a scam? Let’s find out!

What is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business. If you know me at all you would know that I am not a fan of MLM companies, because before you know it you are begging your friends and family to join so you can make money off of them. MLM is a lot like a pyramid scheme, because it works pretty much the same way.

You first purchase a package that includes training material for different self-improvement topics (such as confidence, business, fitness, etc.). Then you can choose to promote the business packages as an affiliate, which is why the package also includes promotional material you can use to get others to join.

MLM’s consist of you selling packages and climbing the latter. If you get lots of people under you, the more money you will make. However it is not as easy as it seems. This kind of thing only works for people who already have a large following, or have been in the business for many years.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle actually started out as TiDom (a Top Tier MLM business), but started using live webinar presentations instead of the traditional website based presentation. This makes it more engaging for the person wanting to join the program. This is a business you have to put all of your time and energy into to be successful, not just a couple hours a day.

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How Does 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Work?

In order to get started with 8 figure Dream Lifestyle you have to register with your name, email, and phone number. Filling this out signs you up for a webinar. When I signed up I received 3 emails right away inviting me to the program and telling me when to join the next webinar. After looking at the website further I found a place to enroll. When you enroll they ask you questions like “Why do you want to join?,” or “Why do you think you will be a good fit?,” which shows they do care a little about who they are signing up. I liked that they actually read my responses.

During the webinar all they do is pressure you to join the program, and they do not answer any basic questions. Most people who join the system are just joining as affiliates because the products are pretty basic and not worth the money in my opinion. They also promise 100% commissions, which is VERY uncommon. However, if you want to promote all of the products then you have to purchase them before hand.

Let me give you an example. If you purchase the basic package then you can promote it, but your first sale goes to the person who referred you. You only start making money after your second sale (this is how you make money from your referrals).

Another thing I don’t like about these kind of companies is the fact that these products are incredibly hard to sell. Mostly because everyone is tired of these “too good to be true” opportunities, and who would pay thousands of dollars for a few eBooks?

They give you scripts to make sales through email marketing and online ads, but what happens when everyone is using the same scripts? I’ll tell you, it gets old very fast and no one will buy them.

How Much Does 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Cost? – Training

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle has 5 product packages. Here is a breakdown of them…

  1. Basic Membership $2,000 plus $195 admin fee  (Includes a series on meditation, marketing modules, flyers, law of attraction, self-esteem tips, and more).
  2. Builder Package $3,500 plus $295 admin fee (Includes training material for the fitness niche, how to lose weight, material on motivation, and more).
  3. Advanced Package $6,500 plus $395 admin fee (Includes 25 training videos on how to drive traffic to a sales page).
  4. Pro Package $12,500 plus $445 admin fee (Includes training on how to use YouTube for traffic, email marketing, list building, hosting webinars, and more).
  5. VIP Package $22,000 plus $495 admin fee (Includes “blueprints” for webinars, podcasts, video sales, email copy, and social media).

These packages are VERY expensive, and they do not offer much for the price. They also give you the option to finance if you want to. However, you can find most of what is in these packages online for FREE!

After a while I was contacted by the person who referred me (Alexis) through text, and he asked what level package I was interested in joining with. Then he told me I would need to use 3 of 5 tools to run the business (they each cost extra). Here they are…

  • Phone Dialer System – Pay as needed, $500/week on average (depends on how many leads you want to work with)
  • Texting System – Pay as needed, $50/month on average
  • Email (Aweber) – $19/month
  • Funnel/Website – $95/month
  • Virtual Assistant – $250/month

As you can see, you are going to have to invest a HUGE amount of money and ALL of your time into this program if you want to make some money. All you are doing is reselling what you bought, very similar to the MOBE scam. If you think you can do it, be my guest. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

How Does 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Make Money?

In many Top Tier Direct Sales Models, the company will collect the sales and then cut commission checks to the reps. This puts the company in control of paying out the commissions. This is not a good business model. If they are not reliable then it is possible you may not get your hard earned commissions.

However, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle’s money goes directly from the purchaser to the seller. This is good news.

But the question remains, how do 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle make money? If you get 100% of the commissions, what is making this system thrive?

One of the most successful an high profit business models is called the Continuity Business Model. This is where an online vendor creates a product that sells, and then give you most or all of the earnings. Pretty crazy right? However, if you have a business model where you offer people such a large commission, they will make sells for you. Then they make you pay a monthly admin or web hosting fee so they can make smaller profits off a lot of people, and make more than you are.

This is exactly what 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is doing. They created a program with high value products and are giving away all the commissions. However, everyone that joins has to pay a yearly admin fee between $195-$495 (depending on the package). This is how they are making money.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Compensation Plan

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle uses the 1 UP compensation plan that is used by many. The membership level you choose determines the max commission you can receive once you are qualified. This means if someone joins at the $2,000 level then the maximum commission they can receive is $2,000 (even if the sale was for $22,000). The rest of the commission will float up to the next qualified member in the line above them.

The 1 UP system gives the first commission to the sponsor. When a new member makes their first sale, that sale and the new member they referred will pass up to the sponsor as a training sale. Only then will every sale and new member go to them.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Upgrades

If you are at the $2,000 level and would like to upgrade to the next level ($3,500), you just have to pay the difference ($1,500). That commission then goes to your sponsor if they qualify at that level, if not it just keeps going up to the one that qualifies.

However, if you join at the $22,000 level immediately then you will not have to pass up any commissions to your sponsor. You get all the commissions from day 1.

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8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Support

You can contact 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle by phone or email if you wish to speak to someone.

In their disclaimer below, it states that there is no guarantee you will make money (even though they guarantee you will make money in the video).  They make it sound easy at first, bit in fact it is not!

Final Thought

There has been a lot of hype around this program, and the sales videos are almost identical to known scams. Videos that show off expensive houses, sports cars, and try to convince you that you can have the same lifestyle is a common scam tactic. Anyone can rent all of those things and make a video like that.

Things do not always go according to plan, and no one will teach you how to promote this business (which is the most important thing to learn to be successful with MLM). This is NOT a business for beginners! The only way you can make money with this system is IF you make sales, but they don’t tell you HOW to make the sales.

Most of the time people buy packages because they want to be rich, but they have no idea how to promote. If you are lucky you will make one sale, but then you don’t even get that commission because it goes to your sponsor.

I DO NOT recommend this program because it is way too expensive and leaves too much to chance. Don’t gamble away your money.

There is no training material, it will not teach you to build a website, and it will not teach you how to build an online business. It doesn’t teach you anything other than spam online forums. So be careful with this system!


If you have any questions or have had experience with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, please leave a comment below!

What do I recommend? Check out this program!

If you are really interested in building a better future and creating an income, then you CAN do it online with the right program. You don’t have to promote a bogus system, you can create an awesome online business based on whatever you are passionate about.

If you are a beginner or even an experienced internet marketer, you will need training, information, and a community to support you. There are structured courses that offer real value.

Your Friend,


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  1. Hello this is Billy Lewis. I know there are more scams out there than legitimate companies. I know it is hard to make ends meet. I have been searching for a job on line for years. I know I will need some training, but I am skilled some with the computer. If I soon do not find work on line, it will be too late for me.

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