High Traffic Academy – Project Breakthrough

April 30, 2016

High Traffic Academy and Project Breakthrough Review Name: High Traffic Academy (created Project Breakthrough) Website: hightrafficacademy.com Price:  $297/month for Project Breakthrough, but High Traffic Academy has THOUSANDS of dollars in training and upsells (at least $15,000) Owner: Vick Strizheus What is High Traffic Academy? I first came across High Traffic Academy in an email I had received to generate an income online. I have been scammed before so my guard is always up…


The Conversion Pros

April 27, 2016

Name: The Conversion Pros Website: www.theconversionpros.com Price: $1 for a week trial, then $50/month after that Owners: David Dubbs What is The Conversion Pros? The Conversion Pros is program that you can use to “build your list.” For a long time now it has been determined that you need to constantly build a list of followers who can look at your information or opportunity, and this will help you be successful online in the…


Click Intensity – Easy Money?

April 24, 2016

Name: Click Itensity Website: www.clickintensity.com Price: Free, but require investments in order to make REAL money Owner: Nick Johnson, Tara Mish, and Ankur Agarwal Click Intensity Review You probably heard of Click Intensity because you were invited by someone, and now you want to see if this company is actually legit. Click Intensity has recently become very popular, very fast. It has been around for 6 years and is owned by Nick…


MLM – Multi-Level Marketing

April 20, 2016

What is MLM? MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. If you are involved in an MLM program, hopefully you will let your guard down so I can give you some outside perspective. You don’t usually get a unique perspective if you are involved in a group where everyone thinks and acts the same. I know you PAY to be a part of an MLM company, so you are going to want to…


Coffee Shop Millionaire

April 16, 2016

Name:  Coffee Shop Millionaire Website:  TheCoffeeShopMillionaire.com Price: $37/month + upsells Owner: Anthony Trister What is Coffee Shop Millionaire? The Coffee Shop Millionaire (CSM) is a program that tries to teach the basics of internet marketing, and they have a lot of training modules and lessons. However, using the word “millionaire” gives you a false expectation that you can just sit in a coffee shop and watching the money roll in….


My Millionaire Mentor – Another MOBE System

April 15, 2016

Name: My Millionaire Mentor Website: mymillionairementor.co Price: $49 + UPSELLS Owner: Ryan Mathews/Matt Lloyd Just like all the other scams out there, My Millionaire Mentor reals you in with a sales video that promises you  $500 if you watch the video. However, you do not get that money unless you buy all the upsells or complete a 21 step program. Ryan Mathews claims he’s made $11 million in the past few years,…


The Email Syndicate Review

April 10, 2016

Name: The Email Syndicate Website: theemailsyndicate.com Price: $27.20/month or more, with MANY upsells Owner: Allen Update: They have another program called the Gim System, and it is the same exact thing. They just want to try to take more peoples’ money by creating another system. What is The Email Syndicate and How Does it Work? The Email Syndicate is an email marketing system where you have to login to a MyInbox Pro account every…


SpyVisit Review – See Exactly What Your Website Visitors Are Doing

April 4, 2016

Name: SpyVisit Website: SpyVisit.com Price: $12 – $97/month, depending on how much space you need to store your tracking results Owner: Unknown What is SpyVisit? Spyvisit is a tool that you can use to “spy” on the people that are visiting your website. This can help you increase your sales, leads, and and click-through rate with LESS traffic. It can also help you improve your email marketing results. Once you understand what your…