Coffee Shop Millionaire

Coffee Shop Millionaire

Name:  Coffee Shop Millionaire


Price: $37/month + upsells

Owner: Anthony Trister

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire (CSM) is a program that tries to teach the basics of internet marketing, and they have a lot of training modules and lessons. However, using the word “millionaire” gives you a false expectation that you can just sit in a coffee shop and watching the money roll in. It was created by Anthony Trister, who is a good salesmen but that doesn’t mean it’s a good product. I will give you a full review so you can see whether or not it will work for you.

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Pros and Cons of Coffee Shop Millionaire


  • Relatively low cost per month
  • The site is fairly upfront about the earning potential and the amount of work you will need to do.


  • All positive reviews online are just Internet GURU’s
  • There are a lot of additional expenses you have to pay each month
  • Earning potential is not typically at the “millionaire” level, even for the most successful members.
  • There are lots of complaints
  • The training is not up to date with the state of the Internet
  • There are too many annoying upsells

Who is Coffee Shop Millionaire For?

Coffee Shop Millionaire claims to be for everyone at every level because of the training modules. You can watch each module as much as you need so you can better understand it. Then the real work begins! People who are looking for an autopilot program that generates money for you with only a mouse click will be really disappointed (there is no such thing). You are going to have to work hard to be successful with this program, just like every business owner.

There is also no active community in the back office of CSM, so if you are looking for support and people to help you along the way you won’t find it here. Also, In the training they assume you have SOME knowledge of Internet marketing, so if you are brand new to the online world this product is not really for you.

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Coffee Shop Millionaire Tools and TrainingCoffee Shop Millionaire training

There are 12 training modules that cover everything you need to get started. There are videos that cover additional information, as well as forums you can fill out to ask specific questions.

They say you are going to get a “cheat sheet” to make $21,000 in just a few weeks, and that’s without a product or any leads. If you have created success online, you know this is near impossible when you are just starting out.

There is also an entire section of training about Cash Machines, which covers email marketing, video marketing, article submission, and the local economy. These are great marketing techniques, however they are very vague in the training and they do not cover a lot of what you need to know to have a successful campaign.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Support

They have standard customer support options through phone and/or email. The Coffee Shop Millionaire program also claims to have a supportive and informative community.

However, I have not seen them answer even the most elementary questions within the community. You will be lucky if you ever receive a response from their email support. They also have a CSM Facebook page, which has TONS of unanswered complaints. This tells me their support is not very supportive.

How Much Does Coffee Shop Millionaire Cost?

It is $37/month for the Coffee Shop Millionaire membership, Coffee Shop Millionaire priceand to have access to their training and support (which is very limited). However, if you decide not to pay the $37, it will go down to $27 (red flag). Right after you pay the $37 you are immediately asked to upgrade to another product called the Six Figure Success Club for $297. There are MANY programs that use this tactic. They basically promote other products they are affiliated with to make more commissions.

Coffee Shop Millionaire uses their low price up front and then get you to pay for more things later. Your $37/month investment quickly becomes $334 before you even get to the members area.

Even that may not be your last investment. The price they charge you does not include the cost of website creation, domain purchase, or hosting. These are all things you need in order to make money with this program.

They tell you to buy hosting, which is $100+ (depending on the term of your hosting). These are mean upsell tactics, and you get a TON after joining.

Final Thought

There are MANY positive reviews of Coffee Shop Millionaire online, but they are just partners of CSM trying to get a commission from you (not to help you succeed).

The training you get isn’t bad, but it does not go into enough detail for you to create any revenue from what you learned. I also hate their lack of support and community.

This is just an “OK” program because of the “OK” training, but they have ruthless marketing techniques and provide little help.



In my opinion, if you are a beginner online Coffee Shop Millionaire will not make you successful! When I started online I fell for scam after scam, but I now have a REAL successful business online. It is all thanks to my #1 recommended program!

If you have any questions or have had experience with Coffee Shop Millionaire, please leave a comment below!

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