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My Millionaire Mentor

Name: My Millionaire Mentor


Price: $49 + UPSELLS

Owner: Ryan Mathews/Matt Lloyd

Just like all the other scams out there, My Millionaire Mentor reals you in with a sales video that promises you  $500 if you watch the video. However, you do not get that money unless you buy all the upsells or complete a 21 step program. Ryan Mathews claims he’s made $11 million in the past few years, and now wants to help 50 “lucky internet newbies” to become his proteges. This man is either NOT REAL or hiding, because I haven’t found him anywhere! (Big red flag)

He claims to work less than an hour a day, and that his system will make you large sums of money quickly. In this review I will breakdown what I found out about My Millionaire Mentor, and whether or not it is a scam.

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What is My Millionaire Mentor?My Millionaire Mentor video

My Millionaire Mentor is a long term wealth opportunity. Which means you will not make money very quickly, it will build VERY gradually. This program actually just promotes the MTTB System, which was started by MOBE! Don’t get me started with them.

Basically, people (like Ryan) are promoting the MTTB system with different programs and websites (but it’s all the same thing). I have seen other programs promoting it, like Millionaires Challenge System, World Profit Associates, etc. There are lots of other “Millionaire Mentors” out there, and each of them just try to sell you the MTTB System and MOBE which is owned by Matt Lloyd.

This program is just another over priced hosting program that claims you can make $100,000 in one month, with little effort. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! The video lies, and it has TERRIBLE actors. If it seems too good to be true it probably is!

To spot scams and to know what to look for in a scam, go to my Avoiding Scams page.

Pros and Cons of My Millionaire Mentor


  • Access to a traffic source
  • High commissions (if money is your only focus, not helping people)

Consfake promises

  • Terrible training
  • WAY too many unnecessary upsells
  • Bad customer support
  • Poor level of community
  • Overpriced
  • They lie to you in the video (they do not give you $500 for watching the video)
  • There is little focus on creating an actual business
  • Fake promises (see picture on the right)

What is The MTTB System (aka MOBE)?MTTB system

MTTB stands for My Top Tier Business. It is a 21 step program, but you do not get all that stuff in the picture. Everything is done over the phone or on skype. When I was first looking to make money online I found MTTB, and then after I signed up for it they sent me directly to an upsell to join MOBE. MOBE, MTTB System, and My Millionaire Mentor are ALL THE SAME!

For a detailed review of MOBE and the MTTB System click here!

You may find some people promoting MOBE/MTTB claiming they make a lot of money with the it, but just know that those people have invested a TON of money into the program. They earn a huge commission if they convince you to purchase the license, and they want to make their money back or try to actually make a profit.

My Millionaire Mentor – The Product

The only thing you are buying is access to a dashboard where you can find your affiliate links and promote the system (which is nothing but access). There is supposedly only 50 spots available to promote this system, but do you really believe that?

They also say you will be personally coached by Ryan Mathews on how exactly to use this product and make money. All he really does is give you a traffic source, which can be important when starting an online business. But is it good quality traffic? There are six steps you need to take after joining in order to make the traffic thing work, but they do not tell you that in the video.

When I joined I only got about 3 or 4 calls from a coach that lasted less than an hour. Do you think I really learned anything from those calls, NO!

How Much Does My Millionaire Mentor Cost?My Millionaire mentor price

It costs $49 to get access to the program. After you pay that, you immediately asked to pay $89 for website hosting.

Hosting can actually cost about $5-$7 with some companies, and you get to create an unlimited amount of website so there is no need to pay $89.

Here Comes The Upsell Madness…

After you join with the $49 and $89 for hosting, you are redirected to the “training area” where you learn how to sell the product. In order to make the most amount of money possible,
you have to buy ALL of the upsells. Here is each upsell…

MOBE license – $2,497
Titanium license – $9,997
Platinum license – $16,667
Diamond license – $29,997

MOBE/MTTB works on a MLM model. You can earn 50% commission if you get someone to purchase the same level you did, but if someone buys a higher license than you (one of the more expensive ones) then you don’t get any commission. That’s why they “make” you buy the highest priced license, because that’s how you will make the most money.

Let me give you an example: Say you purchase the MOBE license. If you get someone else to buy the MOBE license then you get $1000 commission. But if you get someone to purchase the Titanium license you get nothing! That commission goes up to the next person in line that has a Titanium license or higher.

The more you put into the system, the more you will make. So when it’s all said and done, you have to pay upwards of $30,000 in order to make the most commissions. But how do you learn how to generate sells?? 

My Millionaire Mentor Support and Training

There is VERY BAD training on how to really create your own business online. All you will be doing is selling the same exact thing you just bought, which is NOTHING! The only sense of community they have is on Facebook, and it’s called MOBE. Anyone can create a Facebook, so they did not care about the community aspect of the business. They have all these different systems and program, but it all promotes the same thing. You need to be very careful not to get sucked into this nonsense!

They try to teach you how to promote their business, sell it, and scam other people in the process. It gets confusing and you need WAY more help than they offer. The most important thing is, you will have to work REALLY hard in order make sales. It is not just on autopilot, but it might be in a few years after you put all the man hours in.

Final Thought

The way people are REALLY becoming millionaires online is with affiliate marketing. It is the best and easiest way to make money online!

With My Millionaire Mentor you just sell a system that teaches you how to get others to join and then sell it too. This is not a REAL way to make money online. You do not own your business.

If you want to set yourself apart from all the scams out there, you can check out some of my recommended program on the top menu and start building a legitimate online business. However, you need to choose ONE and stick with it. Don’t jump around from program to program.

I have seen MANY “opportunities” online and the ones that really work are not easy to find. With the program I use, you can get started for FREE and they give absolutely EVERYTHING you will need to create your business. It is a solid work from home program, the owners help you along the way, and I will be there to help you as well!



If you have any questions or have had experience with My Millionaire Mentor, please leave a comment below!

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