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Income From Home Academy

Income From Home Academy Review

Name: Income From Home Academy


Price: $4.97 to join, then $40/month

Owner: Emily Young

What is Income From Home Academy?

I was introduced to Income From Home Academy through an email I had received about making money Income From Home Academy promisesonline very easily. I immediately thought it was a scam. I know it sounds very appealing to make money doing something that they say is “Quick and Easy” with “No Skills Required” and you can “Be Your Own Boss.” However, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that.

With Income From Home Academy if you follow the system you will be able make a significant amount of money online, but (like most of these kinds of systems) they never explain exactly how you will be able to do that. Do you really think you’re going to make hundreds of dollars a day with this system? With no experience? With no technical skills? And with very little effort? Of course not! Yet people still fall victim.

There are many people that are earning money online and working from home, but these kinds of systems is NOT how they are doing it.

Here is a REAL Way to Create an Income Online!

Pros and Cons of Income From Home Academy


  • Expert marketers may be able to use this to make money (if they already have a list of leads, and do not care about people)
  • The training is OK (but not for beginners)


  • The popular networks at the top of the site (CNN, ABC, etc.) have nothing to do with Income From Home Academy and are NOT affiliated with them.
  • Terrible support
  • MANY upsells

How Much Does Income From Home Academy Cost?Income From Home Academy price

It costs $4.97 to join Income From Home Academy. However, you will also be charged $40/month after that! You will be taken to SEVERAL pages full of upsells before it takes you to see what you purchased.

The VIP Membership doesn’t exist! Because after you sign up, you are given access to “VIP bonuses” on the main menu without paying extra. They just want to take your money.

If you choose to cancel your membership, you have to click the green button on your dashboard to contact the Live Help.

Income From Home Academy Training and Support

There is some decent information in the 5 courses that you have access to, but none of them really teach you how to create a business or even make money online. Especially if you are new to the online world, because you will have no idea what they are talking about. Income From Home Academy is just marketing different online scams so the owners can make more money. They are not doing this to help you!Income From Home Academy Training

One course shows you how to use Facebook Marketing and how you do not need a website, but then the SEO Secrets course is about running a website (so which is it?). You can find BETTER tips about this kind of training by searching in Google! You are going to need a website to be successful online!

You are also taught how to create and launch a Squeeze Page (a page where you promote your businesss). People can click on your affiliate link, then they are taken to the squeeze page, and that’s how you get referrals. So you are going to be leading people to the same TERRIBLE product you just bought.

You could potentially make money doing this, but this is NOT a way into creating a long-term business that you are proud to own. You also have no control over the sales and how to get traffic to your link.

Final Thought

If you are looking for hard sells and a TON of unorganized and mediocre training, then Income From Home Academy is definitely for you. Believe me it will get old very fast, and you will get frustrated and exhausted trying to sell this system to others. I have seen SO MANY scams exactly like this and they try so hard to suck you in.

Companies like this end up selling your information (email address and name) to other companies. Once they have your information, they try to sell you on their new scam. Please save your money and do not be fooled! They just move on from one scam to the next in hopes of getting your money.




If you are serious about learning how to create a business online and profit it from it, you need to look into Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the only way I have been able to learn how to create a successful business online, and I have tried MANY programs that ended up just taking my money.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can interact with other successful people who will help you (it’s a community of entrepreneurs), and you have access to top level training that is very easy to follow and take action with.

If you have any questions or have had experience with Income From Home Academy, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Thanks for sharing – lots of red flags here! I have a pet peeve about sites that promote a lot of upsells. Especially, as you pointed out so well, upsells that contradict themselves! People would be wise to listen to you on this one!

    1. Thank you. I try to warn people about these things because I know what it is like to lose tons of money on a stupid scam.

      We need to stick together 🙂

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