Metgasco Work From Home Scam

Metgasco Work From Home Scam Review

Name: Metgasco


Type: Work From Home Job SCAM

Hey friends, today I am going to be reviewing a scam I just came across that is going around on and (the job finder website). They claim to provide you with money for a home office (computer, printer, even a desk, etc.) so you can work for them from home. DO NOT fall for this scam, even though it may look legit. There are MANY scams out there just like this, and they all do the same thing as this one.

What is Metgasco?

Metgasco is actually a petroleum (oil and gas) exploration and production company that is based out of Australia according to their website. “It is listed on the Australian stock exchange (MEL). MEL is an investment house with investments in a diverse portfolio of assets across a range of industries,” according to my email from the scammers.

Update: I just received an email from CareerBuilder and it was for a job opportunity with Kiadis Pharma (based out of the Netherlands). They promise the same thing as this scam, so watch out for it too! The interviews on Google Hangouts are NOT legit.

Metgasco Scam (My Story)

So I was looking for office jobs on and I applied for many office positions at different companies. One day I got a text message saying they had reviewed my information on Indeed and to contact Scott McCartney at to schedule an

interview. Red flags started going up after I saw it was a gmail account, because real jobs use their company email.

I emailed him and he said he had requested to chat with me on Google Hangouts, and to kindly accept. I accepted and then he started to interview me through Hangouts (real jobs don’t do this either). The questions seemed relevant to the job opportunity, so I answered all of them. Then he said he would send my answers to the Board and see if I am accepted. After 15 minuted he replied back saying “Congratulations, you have been considered for employment by the board of directors.. You did well.”

I was asked to send my full name, address, sex, and phone number to him through email. After I sent him that, he then sent me an email of a contract I needed to sign and all the job requirements. They make it sound like a “too good to be true” opportunity. The contract that needed to be signed had the managing directors name (Alexander Lang) at the bottom of the employment letter. Alexander Lang is the Chairman & Non-Executive Director of Metgasco. This makes them seem legit, but anyone can put his name on a letter.

The Opportunity

According to the job details there would be 2 weeks of training from 9am – 12pm, and then start working 8am – 5pm. I would be paid weekly, everything would be online, and I would get benefits including…

  • 401k
  • Health and Dental
  • Paid Vacation
  • 2 weeks sick leave

They would send a check to pay for…

  • HP laptop/Notebook
  • Speed and Data Processing
  • Time Monitoring and Effectiveness
  • 4 in one Zebra ZM Printer
  • Cards
  • Fax Machine
  • Scanner
  • Photocopier Machine
  • 4 Drawer Cabinet and Office Desk

What company do you know of that would give you all of those things for free?? NONE!

In the email Scott McCartney initially said in the job details that I would be making $18/hour while in “training,” and then I would be making $22/hour after I was done with the training. In the Employment letter (picture on the right) he sent me, it stated I would be making $22/hour while in training, and $40/hour after the training was complete. They are NOT consistent in their offer!


After I agreed to become an employee, even though I knew it was too good to be true, Scott McCartney sent me a message on Google Hangouts asking me if I was ready for my training. I said, “Absolutely.” He then sent me an email asking me to answer this question, “What is Data Warehousing and What is the difference between Data Warehousing and Data Mining.” It had to be no less than two pages, and be done within 2 and a half hours.

I was curious! I researched  data warehousing and data mining and put together a paper describing the two (it was only a page and a half). I then sent it to him and he thanked me.

The next time I heard from Scott McCartney he emailed me an “Equipment/Payment Notification.” Stating he has sent me a check to pay for all of the equipment they were going to get for me, and to look out for it. I’m sorry, but NO ONE is just going to send you a large check for not doing anything for them! 

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The Check

The check they sent me for all of my equipment and payment was for $3,450, and it was a cashiers check from Continental National Bank (which is based in Miami). NEVER cash a cashiers check or put it in your bank account!! Here is a picture of the check…

I asked Scott to call me when he had a chance, because I knew where this was headed. When he called me it was from Michigan. I don’t know about you but I was tired of getting information from completely different places. He had an accent and wanted me to cash the check, send most of it to their vendor, and keep what was left as payment. He didn’t even know how much the check was for, and wouldn’t tell me how much to send to the vendor until I deposited it. RED FLAGS!!

What would happen if you actually do that? Well, the cashiers check is a fraudulent check! A few days after you cash it the check bounces, and you end up owing the bank what the check was worth (in this case almost $3500). If you send the money to their vendor, you will never get that money back! All you can do is contact your bank and let them know you have been scammed by a fraudulent check.

Final Thought

These people will stop at nothing to get you to deposit or cash their cashiers check. They will not continue to give you information until you do so. They make it seem like you have to send the money to their vendor as fast as possible after you deposit the check, because they want to get paid before the check bounces. They will even get mad at you and become mean or agitated if you are not doing what they are asking. They make it sound really legit, but never trust a cashiers check or send money to anyone for a job!

I have been seeing many scams like this. They use a REAL company as a front to get you to fall for it. They have also used Navient Solutions as a front. I emailed Metgasco about this scam, but they have not responded to me yet.


DO NOT fall for it!

If you have any questions, have had experience with this Metgasco Work From Home Scam, or any other related scam, please leave a comment below.

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Your Friend,


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  1. Just 14/15 months ago it wasn’t a “job scam,” it was a “Contest scam” telling me I won a 250.000 prize from Amazon and to call them. I did and they told me that other people won also so I was only getting a portion of the check! I was excited when it came a few weeks later, I deposited it but didn’t spend any of it. It bounced and my bank dropped me because of it. Luckily I didn’t try to spend any of it.

    1. I’m glad you waited and didn’t spend any of it. These people are relentless! Most of the time, if it seems to good to be true it’s because it is. Do not trust people that will just send you large sums of money. Good job Robert, and thanks for the comment!

      – Karissa

  2. Hi Karissa,

    I just got caught in the Kiadis Pharma scam. I had to call my bank once I realized that they were scammers. I just lost my job and was looking for another real quick to pay bills and this one came to me through career builder. I thought it was weird also about the google hangouts. I have kept all of the back and forth response from a william edward cabe. The only difference is my dumbass put the check in my account. Once I noticed it messed with my account I immediately called the bank and told them what was going on. They haven’t asked me for any money yet, but I know now to stay clear. He did try to say he will reimburse me, but I kept throwing up reasons why I can’t.

  3. Hi Karissa, I’m experiencing your situation but with a different company name. Everything you wrote it’s what happened to me. Today I called the FTC and report a complaint and called my bank. I stop contacting them and right now I received another check with a bigger amount. I called the FTC and they said to call the police and tell them about it. I want to know what you did after. Should I call the police?

    1. Hello Sandra,

      I didn’t go to the police because I don’t think they can really do anything. I knew it was a scam right away but I kept playing along so I could do a good review.

      They just want you to deposit the check and then send some of it back to get your office supplies. When in fact the check will just bounce and you will lose all of the money in your account. The best thing to do is to rip up the check, and let your bank know you were scammed if you deposited it.

      What I did was contact the company and let them know someone is using their company as a front for a scam, then they can take care of it.

      I hope you didn’t lose any money, and I wish you the best of luck!

      – Karissa

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