Profit With Alex – Is It A Scam?

Profit With Alex Review

Name: Profit With Alex


Price: $37

Owner: Alex

I had someone ask me about Profit With Alex the other day, so I decided to checked it out to see if you can really make $38K per month with it. The business model that Alex uses is similar to what I use, so I am very familiar with it.

There is MUCH more to this business than Profit With Alex leads you to believe. So I will go over in depth what it is about and whether or not you should invest in this system.

What is Profit With Alex?

Profit With Alex is apparently a software that can build websites for you in 5 minutes with only 14 clicks You can supposedly earn $38K per month with these websites. The software he has created can go into Amazon and eBay, extract their products and customer reviews, and then put them on your affiliate website you just created.

From this you will have people visiting your website, and Alex says those customer reviews on Amazon will convince your visitors to go to Amazon (or eBay) to purchase the products. When they purchase them, you will get a commission. This is essentially called Affiliate Marketing (which is what I do with Amazon, so I am very familiar).

However, the way Profit With Alex is showing you to use affiliate marketing is WRONG! He largely exaggerates, because you CANNOT make that amount of money that fast with affiliate marketing. You can get there gradually, but not right away.

How Does Profit With Alex Work?

This seems like a good program to join, but if you know anything about affiliate marketing you would know that Profit With Alex is not all it is cracked up to be. Some of what Alex says is true, but untrue at the same time.

Here are some of the things that shows this is not the best program…

1st Problem:

Profit With Alex has a software that will be able to create niche websites for you with products on it. However, search engines will not rank your website because of all the duplicate content on there from Amazon. If search engines do not rank your websites, they will not be seen by anyone and you will not have any good traffic (which means no sales). Websites like this could also get banned from Amazon, because you are just stealing their content.

2nd Problem:

Alex talks about his secret daily traffic method that takes about 20 minutes to do everyday. This method sounds a lot like paid traffic to me, which is something that many affiliate marketers use. However, if you do not use paid traffic correctly you will be wasting A LOT of money. With the websites Profit With Alex creates for you, you will be forced to use paid traffic because no search engines will rank your site. When you use paid traffic it will help rank your websites, but it comes at a cost (hundreds if not thousands of dollars).

3rd Problem:

Profit With Alex shows you how to do SEO, but the way he shows you how to do it will not be very effective. You already have duplicate content, and the keywords he chooses for you are highly competitive (meaning there is a lot of competition for the top spot in search engines for those keywords). This will not bring traffic to your site like he says.You also need WAY more keywords than what he offers in order to get ranked on page 1 of search engines. It’s called keyword research for a reason! You have to put in the time and search for quality keywords with low competition so your website will rank high and get quality traffic.

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How Much Does Profit With Alex Cost?

It costs $37 to join Profit With Alex. You will get training on how to use Alex’s software to create a website, and also training on how to use his secret daily traffic method (aka paid traffic).

It doesn’t cost much to try it out, but you will spend way too much money on paid traffic trying to get your websites to rank high in search engines. The best way to get quality traffic is to have quality content and non competitive keywords, and you will not get that with the websites Alex creates for you.

Of this program actually made you $38K per month like it says, they would be charging a lot more than $37.

Final Thought

In my opinion Profit With Alex is a scam, because he misleads you in the sales video. You will not make over $38K per month with this program. Your website will not get any traffic unless you spend a TON of money on paid traffic.

This is a low quality product that is misleading! The good thing is that you purchase it from ClickBank and you can get your money back.

UPDATE: Profit With Alex now redirects to The Wealth Network that has a starting cost of $3, it doesn’t look good. So WATCH OUT!


There are legit programs out there that will actually teach you everything about affiliate marketing, and not lie to you! Learn it the right way! It does not just take 5 minutes to build a business, it takes time and dedication. You can build the website fast, but there is much more to do after that. But it CAN be done, and YOU can do it!

I can personally help you create your online business! Just click here, sign up, and get started right away. I will be there to help you every step of the way!

If you have have any questions or have had experience with Profit With Alex, please leave a comment below!

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