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Name: Writers Work

Website: writers.work

Price: $47 or $15/month

Owner: Unknown

Hey guys! Today I will be doing a review of a new program called Writers.Work. Someone emailed me trying to promote it, so I checked it out and it seems like a lot of people would like this kind of work if they don’t want to create their own business/website.

If Writers.Work interests you then you should make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Keep reading to find out if it is really something you should invest in.

What is Writers.Work?

Writers.Work is an online service that basically helps writers find jobs online so they can work from home, and not have to look for different jobs themselves. There are many business websites out there that need people to write posts or articles on their websites to help them increase their traffic and improve their website.

Writers.Work also has training material to help you learn how to create posts and articles on websites, and tools to help manage and share your work. Writers.Work does NOT employ writers directly, they just help you find employers.

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How Does Writers.Work Work?

Writers.Work pretty much puts together writing job listings from a range of sources all in one place. It’s not the only service that does this, but it saves you lots of time. Writers usually spend many hours searching for new gigs and sending out pitches, but having a bunch of job sources all in one place makes things A LOT easier than having go through all the different listing sites.

Writers.Work shows job listings from places like Indeed, Craigslist, Problogger, etc. This also means that these jobs are freely listed online, so they are not offering anything here that you can’t find by yourself. However, Writers.Work puts them all in one place for you to make it easier, and you can use their filters to find the right type of job, salary expectation, etc. You can save your filters and get notified of new jobs daily, weekly, or instantly that meet your criteria. It is important to get to the listing first because then you will have a better chance of getting the job. Some have found freelance jobs with Amazon, Credit Karma, Nerd Wallet, etc.

They also have multiple other features for you to use.

Writers.Work Features, Tools, and Training

Writers.Work has a ton of features, so here is a breakdown of them…

Writers.Work Magical Job Finder

When you are looking for writing jobs online it can take hours of research to find some jobs with good pay rates. The Magic Job Finder is a tool that will show you all available writing job listings all in one dashboard. This is where you can filter and search for jobs that meet your criteria, and using this tool can definitely save you a lot of time and energy

Writers.Work Instant Submission Finder

There are many sites out there looking for writers, but some can be really picky and don’t want temporary writers. Normally you would have to send a pitch to MANY websites to increase your chances of being hired.

This tool helps you weed out the websites that will most likely ignore you, and gives you a list of websites that will give you a higher chance of getting hired.

Writers.Work Deep Focus Text Editor

The Deep Focus Text Editor is a place where you can write all of your articles. It can count your words as you type, it gives you a readability score, and the reading grade level.

It also has a spelling and grammar check, and you can listen to calm audio files to help you stay focused from any external noises. After you complete an article it will let you export it as a PDF, or publish it on your WordPress blog.

Writers.Work Project Organization System

The Project Organization System helps you organize all your work in one place. This helps you keep an eye on each project and allows you to be more organized with your work and keep up with deadlines, especially if you start to get a lot of work at once.

Writers.Work Online Portfolio

Writers.Work also offers a Online Portfolio so that you can showcase your writing skills and development for others to see. Having a good portfolio helps you to market yourself easier and stand out from the crowd.

You can create your own writer portfolio within the platform. It is great to have with all the other tools in one place, however you can also find other places to create a portfolio for free (like Canva).

Writers.Work Career Training Videos

These Career Training Videos (a.k.a. Writers.Work University) focus mainly on new writers, and it covers important skills that any writer should possess. They cover the basics of writing, copywriting, how to market yourself, etc. There is some text based training, but mostly lots of videos.

Writers.Work Habit Builder Tool

The Habit Builder Tool is a word counting tool that counts the words from all of your articles and shows your “words record.” This helps you to be aware of the average amount of words you type in your articles, and also motivates you to beat it or reach your goals. The more words in the articles (or the longer they are), the more money you will make.

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Writers.Work Pros and Cons


  • Low price
  • Great text editor that is distraction-free and has readability functions
  • Curated job listings
  • A wide range of places to pitch your writing
  • Good training videos


  • Weak portfolio features
  • There is no way to filter older job opportunities, it just shows the most recent
  • Nothing is exclusive because you can find the same job opportunities elsewhere

How Much Does Writers.Work Cost?

You can join Writers.Work for $47. Apparently the price is usually $94, and you have a limited time to get the “early-bird” special of 50% off. However, this price has not changed the entire time that Writers.Work has been available, so I’m pretty sure it’s always going to be $47. You also have the option to pay $15/month.

If you are seriously thinking of investing in Writers.Work then you should just pay the $47 and save yourself a lot of money in the long run. It makes no sense to spend $15 every month when you can just pay $47 and have full access forever.

Writers.Work now has some additional “upsells” if you need a little more help with everything and I have not seen how much they cost, but the upsells include…

  • The Coaching Add-on
  • The Tool Kit Bundle
  • The Premium Video Courses
  • The Freelancers Tool Kit

Writers.Work also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not happy with the program then you can cancel it and get your money back within 30 days for the membership.

However, if you purchase an upsell you will NOT get your money back for those because they are separate from the membership.

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Final Thought

Right now I have seen some negative reviews of Writers.Work, mostly saying that it is a scam and that they can’t get their money back. In fact, the people behind Writers.Work are the same people that are behind another writing program called Master Writing Jobs, which has a VERY bad reputation online. However, they were promising that beginners could start making $20-$65/hour in less than 30 minutes, which seems like a scam because it is OBVIOUSLY not that easy. You have to establish yourself as a writer first.

I believe Writers.Work is a great tool for writers. For less than $50 you can have a place where you can find writing jobs more easily, do all of your writing, and keep track all of it. If you are looking for something to help you with those things, then I believe Writers.Work will work for you. At the very least you can just try it, and get your money back if you don’t like it. If they don’t give you your money back in a reasonable fashion, then just call your bank and tell them it was a fraudulent purchase and they will get your money back that way.

It doesn’t hurt to try, but I do believe this should only be for more experienced writers or people that are familiar writing in the online space, not complete beginners. But if you are a beginner and want to check it out, then choose the $15 option for the first month to make your own decision about it.

If your dream is to have financial freedom and you want to create your own online business, where you can write your own posts and make money by writing about things that really matter to you, then check out my #1 recommended program! I can help you personally get your goals, and I can help you with anything you need!


If you have any questions or have had experience with Writers.Work, please leave a comment below!

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