11 Ideas on How to Make Money Exercising

Make Money From Exercising and Physical Activity!

Hey guys! Today I will be going over 11 ideas on how you can make money from exercising and doing physical activity. Let’s face it. Not everyone is suited to making extra income by navigating the world of affiliate marketing or writing books for Amazon. You may have that interest and knowledge base, but you sit at a computer for hours during your day job and you should make extra income by moving your body.

If you are a healthy, energetic individual who needs a few extra bucks in the bank, read on to discover 11 ideas on how to make money from doing physical activity.

  1. Mow Lawns. You can make serious bank cutting grass for other people. Advertise your service on Craigslist or social media, sharpen your mower’s blade, and get cutting! Make sure you have a working trimmer and blower, and a reliable way to transport the equipment to and from jobs. I’ve heard of college students paying for the next year’s tuition by cutting lawns during the summer.
    Turn off the self-propelled feature on your mower and get a great work out in at the same time!
  2. Help People Move. If you have a pickup truck or large vehicle, and you have already been asked by your friends or family to help them move a dozen times within the last year, why not make money doing it? Instead of earning a few cheap beers and a lousy pizza. Again, you could advertise on Craigslist or social media, but an even better idea would be to form a relationship with a real estate agent or apartment manager. Give a kick-back to individuals who recommend you for a moving job. Post fliers in the lobby of large apartment buildings. Why spend time pumping iron when you can lift a dresser and make money while doing it?

  3. Teach a Class at Your Local Gym. Check into what it takes to become a certified fitness instructor. Whether you enjoy Zumba, interval training, yoga, or personal training, you can help others with their fitness goals, and literally make money while you also take care of your own body. Talk about a win-win!

  4. Walk Dogs. Take Rover for a run or a stroll to earn some extra income. If you live in an urban area you could probably take care of several friendly dogs at the same time. If that doesn’t work out, you can increase your step count by walking dogs individually.

  5. Haul Off People’s Junk. There is a national business that claims that they can get rid of anyone’s junk within 24 hours. Again, if you have a pickup or otherwise large vehicle, this is an effortless way to earn some extra cash. You may be able to turn the junk into cash by recycling some of the materials. You could also re-sell some of the items you haul away. Just be aware of how much your local dump charges to take the junk that can’t be reused or re-purposed. Build that fee into what you would charge your customers.

  6. Help Homeowners With Their Landscaping. This job is a little more involved than simply mowing. Help homeowners spread mulch, pull weeds, plant bushes, or build flower beds. You will be surprised to learn how many calories you can burn by digging and raking! In this golden age of Google and YouTube, anyone can learn basic landscaping skills.

  7. Help Homeowners With Painting or Staining Projects. Again, let YouTube be your friend and learn the basics of applying paint or stain to a surface. Build in the cost of renting a power washer to your quote, have the customer pick out the stain, and work on your tan while you make some extra money.

  8. Clean Out Gutters. Speaking of jobs everyone hates, gutter cleaning is likely at the top of the list. If you feel comfortable on a ladder and don’t mind dealing with smelly old leaves and abandoned bird’s nest, help others out while getting paid at the same time.

  9. Fix Ceilings For Homeowners. Anyone who watches home improvement or home decorating shows knows that popcorn ceilings are as “in” as the orange shag carpet. Fixing popcorn ceilings can be a dirty job, and it requires a ladder and a good work ethic. Wear your earbuds and hum along to your favorite tunes while making money by fixing popcorn ceilings.

  10. Assemble Furniture. We all love the meatballs, but we all hate the assembly instructions. If your community has an Ikea or other similar furniture store, advertise on social media that you will assemble any of their products for a fee.

  11. Wash Windows. Again, if you are not afraid of heights, this could be the job for you. Go door to door with your cleaning materials. I promise you, if you knocked on my front door right now offering to wash my windows, I would write you a big, fat check even before you could get the ladder out of your truck.

Final Thought

Remember, homeowners may feel leary hiring strangers to work around their homes. Present yourself well. Be clean and courteous, and speak well. Agree upon a price before the job begins, and don’t put yourself in any situation where you don’t feel comfortable.

Well there are your 11 ideas on how to make money from exercising and doing physical activity. For more information on health and fitness, and equipment you can use for you home, check out AtHomeTotalFitness.com!

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