TiDom Review (Time Freedom) – Is it a Scam?

TiDom Inc. (Time Freedom) Reivew

Name: TiDom (aka Time Freedom)

Website: tidominc.com

Price: $2,000 – $22,000 (+ admin fees)

Owner: Jonathan Bain

Hey guys! Today I will be doing a review of TiDom Inc., another “make money online” craze that’s going around, so you can determine whether or not you should invest in it and if you will actually make money after you join. I first heard about it from a comment I received on this site, and decided to do a review on it. So lets get to it!

What is TiDom?

TiDom Inc. is a company that markets digital products using a MLM business model platform. If you have never heard of MLM then you need to be very careful. It stands for Multi-Level Marketing, and in most cases you have to purchase their products and then turn around and sell the same thing to others. Your job is to get others to sign up and build your business that way.

If you don’t like sales and you don’t believe in the products, then stay away from MLM. Some people call them pyramid schemes because you create a “downline” of people you have signed up and you make money off of them. So the people above you are making all the money.

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How Does TiDom Work?

The TiDom sales video is everything I hate about sales videos. They flash all their money at you and make you believe you can have their success, when in reality they will always make more than you. This is a red flag and a common scam tactic. They make it seem so easy to make tons of money, but they don’t tell you about the amount of time and hard work it will take to make that amount of money.

After you sign up for TiDom, you will have access to their training. All the training they offer can be accessed through the back office after you join. You basically just buy into the business, you do not actually receive a product.

TiDom Training

TiDom has training in different categories that teach you the basics of starting an online business. They cover marketing, social media, building a list, etc. There are also personal development modules you can do to help you develop as an online marketer.Here is a breakdown of some of the training…

  • Step-By-Step Video Training – This helps you learn everything you need to know about how to make money with the TiDom System.
  • All-In-One Marketing System – This gives you the tools you need to be successful. They have tracking software, auto responders, lead capture pages, websites, and web hosting.
  • Earn While You Learn Opportunity – This apparently does 90% of the work for you. It basically just shows you how to make everything automated, but it still takes work and time to set everything up.
  • Health & Fitness Platform – In this they cover weight loss, nutrition, no equipment workouts, fitness, weight training, juicing, blending, skin care, beauty, and more. This has nothing to so with online marketing in my opinion, and I have no idea why they have added it. Check out this website for more professional information on health and fitness.
  • Unlimited Income Potential – This gives you 4 methods to earn with direct sales, qualifying sales, roll up sales, and upgrades.
  • Call Center Automation – They have a team of callers who will call your leads to help you make the sale. It does have an extra cost though.

You will have access to different training depending on what level you buy into. The more expensive the package, the more advanced training you will get.

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How Much Does TiDom Cost?

In order to become a member of TiDom you will have to spend at least $2000 (that is their cheapest package). However, there are 5 different packages you can choose from.

  • Basic Package – $2,000 + $195 admin fee
  • Builder Package – $3,500 + $295 admin fee
  • Advanced Package – $6,500 + $395 admin fee
  • Pro Package – $12,500 + $445 admin fee
  • VIP Package – $22,000 + $495 admin fee

There are no monthly fees, but the cost upfront is HUGE. The only thing you are paying for is to be a member and have access to some training, but you will still have to promote TiDom and make sales to others in order to see a return on your investment.

So actually, you will still need some money to market TiDom (such as getting campaigns going, PPC, other ads, etc.). These things can add up to hundreds of dollars a month very quickly, but there are places that can teach you how to do online marketing without spending all your money.

Compensation Plan

TiDom gives 100% of your fist sale to you, so if someone purchases the $2,000 package then you would get all of that money. However, with every sale you have after that you will only get a percentage of that sale and the rest will go to your “upline” (the people that signed you up and the people above them that signed them up).

The higher the package you purchase the more of a percentage you will get. Also, you can only receive compensation at the level you joined. So if you purchased the $2,000 package and your first sale bought the $3,500 package, then you will only get $2,000, not $3,500 (the rest will go to your sponsor).

The reality is, very few people make money with compensation plans like this. The positive side is that you will make your money back on your first sale, but you will still have to spend some money on marketing. The hard part is getting that first sale, and then continuing to make sales after that.

You need to create a list of subscribers and find a way to promote your products to get those subscribers. It will not just happen, it takes time, work, and dedication to make money with MLM’s.

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Who is TiDom For?

TiDom claims that anyone can make money with their system, the experienced internet marketer and the beginners. However, I believe it will take longer and be a lot harder for a beginner to understand and implement their online marketing strategies.

Making money online is a lot harder than most people think, but is CAN be done and it gets a lot easier as you grow in the business. The people that MIGHT benefit from this program are people that already have a list of subscribers to promote to, or people that have the money lying around to spend on a higher package and on marketing.

You should NOT join this program if you cannot afford to lose the money you put in. Do not expect to make your money back right away!

TiDom is actually very similar to other programs I have reviewed, such as 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle and MOBE. They sell high priced “products,” and their only goal is to keep selling so they can keep the cash flowing. There are just a handful of people that will know how to market this “product” and make a killing, and the rest will just lose their money.

Final Thought

TiDom is a Scam! They have a HUGE cost to join their program, and it is not an actual physical product. This is not going to give you Time Freedom it says it will, unless you are a part of that handful of individuals that can afford it and know how to market their services.

When I was first trying to start my online business, I would see these sales videos and think “this is the one that I will be successful with,” only to lose my investment. The REAL making money online opportunities either have a free trial or a reasonable monthly cost for their products and/or training. You should be able to see what you are investing in and try it out before you spend a large amount of money on it.

There is NOTHING special about their training and there is no “secret” method. So paying thousands of dollars for online marketing training is WAY too steep in my opinion. you can find the same type of training for A LOT cheaper with legit programs online.

Most of the TiDom members probably don’t even use the training material, because they want others to make sales for them. If you are truly trying to make an income online, you need to learn how to build it and maintain it. The best place I have found to learn to build and grow an online business is with my #1 recommended program. It is free to join, it has very easy to follow training, and you can chat with other people just like you if you need help. You can also ask me for help if you ever need it.


If you have any questions or have had experience with TiDom Inc. (Time Freedom), please leave a comment below!

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