Are These “Earn Money Apps” Legit?

Are there really free apps that can make you money? If you’re on your phone a lot, like most of the World, you have probably seen the TONS of ads that show people playing these free apps and making free money.

The question is, do they really make you money? In this post I will cover every free app I have tried that supposedly makes you money without any investment. Sound too good to be true? Let’s find out.

Free Making Money Apps

Here is a list of all the making money apps that I have used…

Golden Block Escape Lucky Dice – Get Rewards Easy

Lucky Now!! Lucky Plinko – Big Win

Lucky Plinko 2 Lucky Pusher – Win Big Rewards

Plinko Master – Be a winner Puppy Town

Solitaire Relax Word Smash

Words Luck: Search, Spin, Win

Every single one of these are free to download, and as you start playing it immediately starts letting you win free money. The price you earn goes up quickly at first, and then slows down the longer you play.

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How Do They Work?

After your dollar amount reaches $100 you can “cash out” to PayPal. Some of the apps also give you the option “cash out” for an Amazon Gift Card. There are also other prizes you can win (like $1,000 – $10,000) if you collect all the fruit, or hit 777.

As you play it starts to seem like it could actually be possible to make money in your free time by playing these apps. The only thing you have to suffer through are ads.

So basically, they are paying you to watch ads. There are an OBSCENE amount of ads on these apps. But if they are giving away free money, would you do it?

Will It Actually Let You Cash Out and Earn Money With These Apps?

I played these apps religiously for a few weeks to see if I could make it to $100 and cash out. The first 1-3 days the money was going up rather fast. Then I started making just a little bit each day ($2 – $4).

It all came crashing down when I was playing Lucky Pusher and I made it to $95.14. I was almost there. The next day when I played it, it stopped making money altogether. I kept playing for another week, and it was just stuck at that number.

Then it happened again with Plinko Master. I got to the $96 dollar mark and the cash flow stopped.

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Final Thought

You will not make free money on apps! It was a large waste of time. The only money you will ever make is through good investments and/or hard work.


If you have any questions or have had experience with any of these apps, or any other ones, please leave a comment below!

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