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Name: Kalatu

Website: home.kalatublog.com

Price: $25/month + upsells

Owners: David Wood, Jonathan Cronstedt & Chris Record

What is Kalatu? – The Versions of Empower Network

Kalatu is a new Empower Network blogging system. If you have not heard of Empower Network, I have a review of it here. I have been getting emails from marketers trying to promote the new Kalatu blogging system, so I decided to do this review.

Empower Network did its first launch of their system when I was in college (early 2000’s) and I wasted my money on it because they gave me no help and I didn’t know what do in the “back office.” it was a WordPress blog with only a few themes to choose from, and you couldn’t customize it (which is important for your blog to get noticed). They then launched their second version (ENV2) of a blogging system called Blog Beast, and it wasn’t successful either because they couldn’t get their websites to rank easily in Google, which is a VERY bad thing if you want to be successful.

Then they came out with the “Kalatu Blogging System” (ENV3). They use WordPress, but they fixed a lot of the problems they had with the other two blogging platforms. So the question is, is Kalatu a scam like the other versions, or is it legit? Let’s see if 3rd time’s the charm!

Pros and Cons of Kalatu


  • It is better than the other versions of EN
  • The price isn’t bad (if you don’t get the upsells)
  • You can customize your site


  • A brand new WordPress blog takes time and skills to set up properly
  • They have bad support
  • Their training gives you BAD advice

Kalatu Trainingkalatu training

You can use Kalatu for network marketing, real estate, online marketing, or any type of business. If you have a small business that needs promoting then Kalatu might help you with that, but if you have any experience writing blogs you know that it isn’t going to be easy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, in my opinion, the most important thing you need for your website in order to be successful. Most of the people that join Kalatu have no idea what SEO is, which makes me think they do not teach it very well. They also give bad advice, and here are a few examples…

  • They tell you to use images from google image search – You cannot do this because it is a copyright violation
  • They say you can write blogs without using keywords – This is TERRIBLE for SEO, you NEED keywords
  • They tell you to write blogs that are under 200 words – Also bad for SEO
  • They tell you to use a lot of tags to get ranked – This helps, but not very much
  • They say your images need a description – They DON’T
  • They tell you it’s ok to blog without intent – This is a total wate of time, because having intent is very important
  • They also tell you to re-upload YouTube videos from other people, and then post affiliate promotions in the description – That is STEALING

Giving out this advice makes me mad, because newbies will waste their time and be mislead. Do not listen to any of this “training.”

Kalatu Supportkalatu support

When I heard about Kalatu there really wasn’t very much information about what you are signing up for. With Kalatu you can only submit support ticket, and in order to find more help you have to go to the Empower Network website and contact their support.

The live chat gives you a lot of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and there is no one that is actually on the other end of the “live” support (you just submit a ticket. Also when you call the support phone number it says the phone lines are busy, and that’s it.

I personally like to have either a phone call or a REAL live chat to help me, which I can get anytime either my system.

How Much Does Kalatu Cost?Kalatu Basic

The Empower Network Kalatu blogging platform is $25/month, which includes hosting, and the custom WordPress blog with lots of themes to choose from. Not too bad of a price.

The Kalatu Premium price is $72/month + the $25/month you are already paying, so if you join the Preimum you will be paying $97/month.. WOW!

For a FREE way to learn how to become an experienced and successful blogger,Kalatu Premium you need to join my #1 recommended system! I will also help you PERSONALLY.

Kalatu Premium Features – Affilite Program

Kalatu Premium has the same features as Kalatu, plus…

  • Premium themes (just access to more/better themes)
  • Premium plug-ins to assist with SEO (supposedly they are plug-ins that only Kalatu members have access to)
  • Live blog Q & A every week
  • 10 Blogs (instead of 3)
  • 7 Minute Blog Hacks
  • Affiliate Fee is included and you have access to a binis compensation plan

With he affiliate program, all you do is promote Kalatu on your site. I have seen a few of these sites online, and they all look the SAME! This tells me that everyone has essentially the same content. Not everyone can rank on the first page in Google with the same content, you have to use good keywords and do keyword research!

The Kalatu 21 Day Blogging Challenge

Empower Network is really pushing Kalatu’s new 21 day blogging challenge. They want their teams to build momentum by forcing content online. The problem with this is if you do not write properly and do not have high quality content, Google will notice and you will lose rankings. You can’t just right a few sentences and post it! You have to provide value through QUALITY content, but if you start doing that everyday then you will start to rank higher and get leads for your business.

Final Thought

I’ll have to admit, when I first heard of Kalatu and found out that it was a version of Empower Network, I ran for the hills. Because I joined EN when it first came out, and it was TERRIBLE! It seems like a pretty good blogging system and a good platform, but there is no one there to help you (and most people need help). This system is only good for experienced bloggers, because it could potentially make it easier for them.

I don’t think it is ANYWHERE NEAR as good as the platform I use! Mine gives you great support, great training, and its FREE to join!

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However, I do not recommend it!

If you have any questions or have had experience with Kalatu, please leave a comment below!

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