SpyVisit Review – See Exactly What Your Website Visitors Are Doing

Name: SpyVisit

Website: SpyVisit.com

Price: $12 – $97/month, depending on how much space you need to store your tracking results

Owner: Unknown

What is SpyVisit?

Spyvisit is a tool that you can use to “spy” on the people that are visiting
your website. This can help you increase your sales, leads, and and click-through rate with LESS traffic. It can also help you improve your email marketing results. Once you understand what your visitor’s are doing and what their behaviors are, you can easily optimize your website to keep the visitor’s attention. If you have no idea what your visitors are doing then how do you expect to make your website better?

SpyVisit is the PERFECT click tracking tool that can turn any internet marketer into a marketing genius! They use real-time visitor recordings & heat maps, which is not provided by Google Analytics who just gives you a general overview of your traffic, where they come from, bounce rate, etc. However, SpyVisit can work with Google Analytics and get more detailed data about where your traffic is clicking, how far they are reading, etc.

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Learn How To Build a Profitable Website and Use SpyVisit to Monitor it!

How Does SpyVisit Work?

SpyVisit works will all websites, including WordPress, Joomla!, Shopify, Drupal and MANY more. If you have a Shopify store, wouldn’t it be great to be able to see which products your visitors are actively looking at with their eyes, which products they are scrolling to, and which products have the most clicks?

If you use this then you will know which products are getting the most attention, and you can either add more of those types of products, move them to a better location on your site, etc. No technical experience is necessary if you want to use Spyvisit.

Pros and Cons of SpyVisit


  • The price is very good compared to other analytics tools
  • It is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to understand
  • Great customer/technical support
  • Has tutorials on how to use everything
  • Great refund policy


  • This is a brand new product (sometimes there can be bugs that need fixing, just like ANY new product or system online)

Who is SpyVisit For?

SpyVisit is for…

  • All Website Owners
  • Podcasters
  • Membership Site Owners
  • Digital Product Creators
  • General Online Business Owners
  • All Internet/Affiliate Marketers

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SpyVisit Features

Here are the SpyVisit features and what they do…

  • Visitor Mouse Movements Recordings – You can view Spyvisit featuresvideo recordings and see exactly what your website visitors are doing on your website.
  • Clicks Heat Maps – You can see exactly what your website visitors are clicking on,on your website.
  • Eye-Tracking Heat Maps – You can see where your webstie visitors are looking at on your website.
  • Scroll Heat Maps – You can see how far your visitors scroll down, and you can determine if they are missing anything important. If so then, for example, you can add something at the top.
  • Real-Time Reporting – You can see what your website visitors do at all times.
  • Works GREAT with Google Analytics – You will get even more data using both.

How Much Does SpyVist Cost?

SpyVisit has a few different packages to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. Right now if you click on this page and sign up through me, you will get a 20% discount. There is a
FREE 1 week trial period so you can test it out for yourself, and here are all the packages…

  • Basic – $15/month ($12 with discount) – You can monitor 1 website and unlimited pages,
    with up to 15,000 recorded sessions and 450MB of storage.FullSizeRender (35)
  • Plus – $35/month ($27 with
    discount, this is the most popular) – You can monitor unlimited websites and pages, with up to 40,000 recorded sessions and 1200MB of storage.
  • Pro – $60/month ($47 with discount) – You can monitor unlimited websites and pages, with up to 100,000 re
    corded sessions and 3200MB of storage.
  • Enterprise – $125/month ($97 with discount) – You can monitor unlimited websites and pages, with up to 250,000 recorded sessions and 7000MB of storage.

I recommend you go for the unlimited websites and pages plans if you have a few websites like me. Then you just have to determine how much space you will need so SpyVisit can save all of your data.

SpyVisit Tools/Training and Supportimage

It is super easy to install SpyVisit, and there are tutorials you can watch and follow step-by-step to set everything up. It took me less than a minute to install the plug-in I needed in WordPress, so I could put my tracking code on the header of all my pages in order for them to be monitored.

Full support is also provided, they are very attentive, and they respond to your concerns in a timely manner. I asked a question and they answered me in less than an hour (which is extremely fast compared to other support systems).

The feedback I have seen on Spyvisit has been VERY positive. The users absolutely love it (including me). Some have found it very helpful when doing split tests, and others who use Google Adsense have said it has GREATLY improved their earnings because they can see the best locations for placement. I also love that the reporting is in real-time.

Here is a video to show you exactly how SpyVisit works…

Spyvisit demo video

Refund Policyimage

You get a 7-day free trial period, and after that you can decide to continue using SpyVisit by choosing which monthly payment option works best for you. If you are not satisfied with the program, you can get a FULL refund if it is within 30 days. This just shows you how confident they are in this tool.

However, I would act fast! This tool is still very new, and if it picks up the prices could increase (if you sign up now you will be locked in at the low price!

Final Thought

SpyVisit is THE BEST tool you can use to monitor the traffic on your websites. It is the best I have seen, and the most affordable. I am so glad I found it, because I have personally increased my earnings by using it.

Don’t forget, you will get a 20% discount if you click the links on this page (act fast). If you have any trouble while using this tool, just leave a comment below and I will be happy to help!




If you have questions or have had experience with SpyVisit, please leave a comment below!

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