The Laptop Lifestyle System

The Laptop Lifestyle System Review

Name: Laptop Lifestyle System


Price: $49 – $30,000 + monthly/yearly charges

Owner: Carolina Millan

Hey guys! Today I will be doing a review on The Laptop Lifestyle System, I heard about it after clicking a link that told me I could make 6-figures per year while traveling the world. Sounded pretty awesome but also made me skeptical. So here I will go over everything The Laptop Lifestyle System is about and whether or not you should invest in it.

What Is The Laptop Lifestyle System?

The Laptop Lifestyle System is a 21-step program that takes you to a company called MOBE, which stands for My Online Business Empire. I did a review on MOBE a while back, and you can check it out here. The owner of The Laptop Lifestyle System (Carolina Millan) really just did a re-branded version of the existing 21-step training program by MOBE. She is a successful MOBE affiliate and earns commissions when you pay to sign up.

I do not believe her story is fake, however I do believe she is leading people to believe they can make the amount of money she is making, which is VERY hard to do considering she is a Diamond Member and paid almost $30,000 to get where she is.

How Does The Laptop Lifestyle System Work?

The Laptop Lifestyle System teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing, but the only thing they want you to promote is MOBE. MOBE isn’t even an actual product, it’s just a system and training that teaches you how to promote MOBE so they can keep selling it. You can make money with this system, but you need to know how it really works before you invest in it.

The main concept is to make as much money from each customer as possible. So they want to make as much money as they can from YOU as well. They teach you how to re-sell the same system you bought to others.

When you first sign up you get the basic training modules, and if you are a complete newbie they might be beneficial. However, you will not make anywhere near what Carolina claims you will make unless you pay a LOT more money.

Soon after you join, you will be contacted by your “coach” who is a highly trained salesperson. Their only job is to get you to upgrade to a much higher priced package of training. So if you plan on making a 6-figure salary, you will HAVE to upgrade and pay thousands of dollars.

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Pros and Cons of The Laptop Lifestyle System


  • It is possible to make money with this system.
  • You get introductory training and some marketing materials to promote MOBE (which is pretty much what The Laptop Lifestyle System is).


  • Most of the people making money with this system have been doing it for years.
  • You will have to spend a fortune to qualify for higher commissions.
  • You will most likely have to use paid traffic too, which will cost more money.
  • You only get help from your “coach,” no one else will help you (hopefully you get a good one).

How Much Does The Lifestyle System Cost?

When you first sign up for The Laptop Lifestyle System it is going to cost $49. This is only to have access to the training that I have listed below. After you make the initial $49 investment, they will try to upsell you.

There are literally $10,000’s of upsells waiting for you inside the system. You can check out all the plans and pricing, but here is a breakdown of them…

  • MOBE Silver Certificaton$2,497 + $27/month or $216/year – This qualifies you to make $1,250 in commissions when you convince others to join.
  • MOBE Gold Certification$4,997 + $64/month or $512/year – This qualifies you to make $2,500 in commissions.
  • MOBE Titanium Certification – $9,997 + $121/month or $968/year – This qualifies you to make $3,300 in commissions.
  • MOBE Platinum Certification – $16,667 + $198/month or $1,584/year – This qualifies you to make $5,500 in commissions.
  • MOBE Diamond Certification – $29,997 + $295/month or $2,360/year – This qualifies you to make $10,000 in commissions.

In order to earn the higher commissions you need to be a Diamond Member, which means you have to pay almost $30,000 plus the monthly or yearly charges.

DO NOT sign up for this system until you go over their compensation plan! You need to know what you are getting into.

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The Laptop Lifestyle System Tools and Training

When The Laptop Lifestyle System re-directs to MOBE there are TONS of tools and training. So much that it can’t all fit in this review, it’s almost ridiculous. You get different kinds of tools and training depending on the the membership you decide to purchase. Below is a list of everything you get when you initially sign up for The Laptop Lifestyle System for $49. They provide you with…

  • A proven sales system that deposits commissions into your bank account every two weeks.
  • A simple 21-step training program that shows you how to send leads and earn up to $20,000 per customer (will not happen immediately).
  • Done for you fulfillment, payment, processing, and customer service.
  • A professional phone sales team that closes high-ticket sales for you.
  • Insider access to powerful sales funnels that sell high-quality programs to your leads.
  • Daily training lessons, videos, and webinars.

They provide you with all the tools you need to promote their system, and if you have any questions you have to ask your “coach.” Hopefully you get a helpful coach, but they are not going to spend all their time with you, they will help you as best they can. If you still don’t get it, then you have to make it work on your own.

The Laptop Lifestyle System Support

On The Laptop Lifestyle System website you can click on support and it takes you to MOBE support. There you can submit a support ticket or give them a call at 1-844-662-3787. There are also links that seem to answer any questions you may have.

  • How to use the support site to get the answers you need
  • Consultant resources and training
  • Programs and products
  • Billing and commissions
  • Technical help
  • Live events and Masterminds
  • Employment opportunities
  • About MOBE

The thing I don’t like about this support system is that there is no community you can go to if you are struggling. They have a Facebook page, but no one really helps you if you ask a question.

They have a 100% money back guarantee, so once you make the initial investment ($49) and decide it isn’t for you, they will refund your money.

Final Thought

In my opinion, The Laptop Lifestyle System is a scam! This marketing system for MOBE is just trying to take as much money from you as they can, they do not actually care about you. Most of the people that sign up for it end up losing all their money because they assume it is all done for you, but it’s not. It takes a lot of work and you have to do LOTS of marketing, and all you are selling is the same system you are using. This means you have to find people that want to do the same things you have to do to make sales.

It is very similar to a pyramid scheme, because the people that started it are the ones making millions of dollars. If you start today, you will have to build your own pyramid of people below you and that can take years. They will also never stop hounding you about upgrading and spending more money. I would not recommend this system, but if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars and give it a try, more power to you, because if you make a few sales then you have made your money back. However, it will be hard to convince people to spend their hard earned money on this system in my opinion.


I hope this review has helped you to make a more informed decision about joining. If you have any questions or have had experience with The Laptop Lifestyle System, please leave a comment below!

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