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The Wealth Network 2018 Review

Name: The Wealth Network


Price: $3 – $67/month

Owners: Jesse Singh, Aaron Andrews, Josh Jacobs, Brian Cinnamon, and David Cook

Hey guys! Today I am going to do a review on the software called The Wealth Network. Is it a scam? Here I am going to provide information on The Wealth Network so you can decide whether or not it is something you should invest in. Since it came out in July 2017 it has been revamped, however all of the reviews online are old and just give glowing reviews, so here is one that you can take seriously.

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What is The Wealth Network?

The Wealth Network is an online business community that teaches internet entrepreneurs how to make money online. They provide many tools and training online to teach you how to create an online business. It was launched in July 2017 with the help of Jesse Singh, who has a reputation for proficiency in SEO and techniques for eBay/Amazon arbitrage.

The Wealth Network teaches you how to do online arbitrage, and also how to create your own website for affiliate marketing. There are two memberships to choose from.

How Does The Wealth Network Work?

With The Wealth Network there is one option where they basically show you how to select/search for products to buy for a low price, and then sell them on Amazon for more so you can make a profit (pretty much what arbitrage is). They also have training on how to build landing pages for marketing. You have to do your own marketing, but they teach you how to do it.

They also have another option where they show you how to create a website on WordPress and use keyword research for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to attract visitors to your website. You put affiliate links on your website (there are a TON of affiliate websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.). nce you attract visitors you will get commissions from people who click on your links and purchase products.

When you click on the “Get Started Now” button for either of the membership options from the website, it takes you directly to a video showing you everything the program has to offer. After you watch the video then it takes you to a page to purchase the membership. Each of them have a different video because they offer different things.

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Pros and Cons of The Wealth Network


  • The tools and training can be very useful if you want to start or improve an online business.
  • You do not have to own a product to get commissions.
  • It is free to be an affiliate and promote their program.


  • The Wealth Network is still very new.
  • It is not very possible that someone with zero knowledge about online marketing will be able to grasp the concepts or programs of The Wealth Network.
  • I don’t believe they have the community they are advertising. They will probably help you but you will be on your own most of the time.

How Much Does The Wealth Network Cost?

There are two memberships to choose from…

  • The Ecommerce Wealth Center ($3)– This option focuses primarily on the Amazon platform. It has step-by-step training from Amazon experts, as well as software and services for advanced sellers.
  • The Marketing Wealth Center ($67/month)– This option provide a tool suite and training that services beginners and advanced marketers. The tool suite consists of a customizable wordpress website with recommended themes and plugins already installed, and a multifunctional landing page software named Smart Funnels. They have training on these features and search engine optimization (SEO).

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The Wealth Network Tools and Training

There is different tools and training depending on what package you sign up for. Here is a breakdown of them…

The Ecommerce Center includes:

  • Amazon Training – This is a training on how to use Amazon
  • Profit Spy – This produces a daily list of profitable products to sell through Amazon.
  • Webinars – These are biweekly Amazon training webinars.
  • Top Resources – These are resources that the owners use (mostly for autoresponders, keyword research, etc.)
  • Facebook Mastermind Group – This is just a place to connect with other members of The Wealth Network.

The Marketing Center includes:

  • Smart Funnels – This is a landing page software that allows you to build landing pages and funnels to build your list and attract visitors.
  • TWN Blogging System – They give you a customizable website with an SEO friendly theme and other recommended plugins already installed.
  • Marketing Training – This is blogging, SEO, and Smart Funnels training.
  • Top Resources – These are resources that the owners use (mostly for autoresponders, keyword research, etc.)
  • Facebook Mastermind Group – This is just a place to connect with other members of The Wealth Network.

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The Wealth Network has a strict 7-day money back guarantee, however there have already been some customers that have had trouble getting their money back. So if you purchase it and then decide its not for you, try to get your money back right away. Once that 7 days is up you will not get your money back.

They have a Facebook group that you can join to connect with other members of The Wealth Network. There might be some people on there that will be willing to help you, but not all of them. However, it does help to look at at other peoples’ posts and questions.

You can also contact The Wealth Network at or by phone at (800) 509-2936.

How to Become a Wealth Network Affiliate

It is completely free to join The Wealth Network as an affiliate. You do not have to buy or own any product in order to earn commissions, and you get 40% of the commissions you bring in. All you have to do is fill out all you information and you’re in! They provide you with your personal affiliate links, as well as banners you can use on your websites and other places.

Also in their affiliate disclaimer, they tell you right upfront that you will not make money with this program. They cannot tell you how much you will earn because they don’t know. Everyone makes a different amount, it just depends on how hard you work at it. See a copy of the disclaimer below.

Final Thought

The Wealth Network doesn’t seem like a scam. You have to be the one that is committed to your business and growing it, if you are not committed or willing to put in a lot of work then you are not going to be successful. It is possible to make money doing this, however I don’t think you will make as much money as they are claiming you will on their sales video. You only make that amount of money with lots of work over time. So this makes me think twice about recommending it.

I personally would recommend the program I use to build and maintain my online business. It has everything The Wealth Network offers, and MORE. There is a much better community and lots more training on every aspect of running an online business. I can help personally with any questions you may have, and help you generate money online.


If you have any questions or have had experience with The Wealth Network, please leave a comment below!

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